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Why You Should Have Your Boudoir Photographs Taken NOW!

As women, we are famous for saying "later" to things we want to do. We'll get our nails done later. We'll get our hair done later. We'll have our portraits taken later (most of us say, after we gain or lose weight). But, the truth is, this time in your life, this pivotal moment is just as beautiful to embrace and capture as any other! Here's why:

    • The truth of the matter is, you will always be harder on yourself than anyone else. However, chances are, the "flaws" you've grown ashamed of are loved by everyone who loves you. They tell a story about you, your life, where you've been and where you've yet to go! But, loving yourself doesn't happen over night. It's a process and a re-wiring of your brain! What better way to fire your inner critic than having your boudoir portraits taken!? 
    • We have this myth that if we change our weight then our confidence will grow, but, the truth is, if you don't learn to love where you are right now in your journey, self love will come a lot slower than you may expect. Embracing your journey is where the true beauty comes out. I'm personally on a journey to losing weight however, I'm on a journey to love myself more than I am worrying about a number on a scale. I'm learning to love my stretch marks, the non-gap between my thighs and extra meat on my arms. Why? Because I'm learning that my weight does not define me. My weight does not make me any more or less of a woman and I can feel sexy, confident and loved no matter what size my pants are.
    • Boudoir is not about being sexualized. It's about feeling empowered, beautiful, confident and well, like a woman! When you work with the right photographer, they'll be sure to capture the essence of this for you. They'll ask you how you dream of being photographed and they'll try their absolute best to capture you in that way. They'll reassure you that you are beautiful just as you are. They'll help you pick the wardrobe that is the most flattering for your body type but also something you feel confident in. They'll create an experience that you'll love, appreciate and walk away from feeling great. This is why it is so important to pick the right photographer. Sure, there are millions of boudoir photographers out there and many are great at what they do, but there's so much more to it than taking a great photograph. Look in their portfolio and speak with them, then ask yourself these 5 questions:
      • Does their portfolio reflect women who are just like me? (same body type, etc.)
      • Does this photographer have the same morals and standards I do?
      • Does the style of photography represent how I see myself being photographed?
      • Would I feel comfortable with this photographer having photographs of me dressed in lingerie or less?
      • Is the photographer welcoming and honestly trying to help me?
    • That's right. I said it. You have EVERY right to feel beautiful, sexy and confident! Something happens when many of us get married or become mothers or take on certain job roles. We lose the feeling that we have the right to feel sexy! "Oh, I'm a mom, I can't wear that." "I'm a nurse, I can't be seen in those!" But, the truth is you have the right to! It's time that you embrace it and remember how amazing it felt to FEEL sexy. I'm there with you, ladies! When I became a mother, I threw out literally all of my lingerie and got "mommy gowns" and pj sets. Did I feel comfortable in them? Heck yes! But, I didn't feel sexy. I lost my sexy. It wasn't until a friend gifted me a leopard print negligee that I realized just how much I MISSED feeling sexy. And my husband? Whew. He lost it! He absolutely loved seeing me in something that he hadn't in a few years. I realized that I work hard every day being someone for everyone else. Being a mom, being a photographer, being a wife, being a daughter, being a sister, being an aunt.. but what happened to being Rosey? What happened to feeling sexy in my own skin? I took that tag back and proudly keep it to this day. 
    • We all know the song from 50 Shades of Grey ... "You're always worth it. And you deserve it. The way you work it. Cause girl you earned it." But really.. you've EARNED the right to feel sexy and beautiful and confident! As women, we wear so many hats and we perform so many duties on any given day. We deserve some time for ourselves! Stop making the excuse that having the portraits done is too much money. If you'll pay hundreds of dollars for dance classes and extra curricular activities for your children, money on the hubby or wife.. then trust me, you deserve to do the same for yourself to give you the boost of confidence you deserve! It may seem like a big dollar investment, and trust me, it can be... but you get what you're paying for when it comes to the session. Investing in a boudoir session is so much more than paying to have your portraits taken. It's about the experience and what you get to take away from the session; FEELING EMPOWERED. You work hard taking care of everyone else and doing things for everyone else. Do something for YOU. You earned it.
    • Seriously though. It's FOR you. Never have a portrait session done for someone else. Gifting it is OK, don't get me wrong! But always know and come in to the session knowing that a good photographer is not worried about how your husband or wife wants you photographed - we want to know how YOU want to be photographed. How you want to be captured. I can't even begin to tell you how many boudoir sessions I've done for Valentine's gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts.. and that's perfectly fine! But during the session, I'm not asking "How would your husband like for you to look?" I'm asking "How do you want to FEEL during your session?" And any great photographer who cares about you and your experience will ask the same. The person who loves you will love a photo of you no matter how it's captured. My concern as a photographer is having you love the photos of yourself because that's what matters most to me. Empowering YOU and helping you feel confident, sexy and beautiful JUST. AS. YOU. ARE.

I hope that this helps you feel confident in your decision to have a boudoir session and if you've chosen me as your photographer, I am honored. If you've chosen someone else, I'm excited for you!! Genuinely, 100%, without a doubt, excited for you. Why? Because I'm not in the business of just booking sessions.. I'm in the business of helping women feel confident in the skin they're in. 

Many blessings!

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