Official Wedding Shoot List

Vision of Rose Photo's Official Shoot-List

Listed below is every detail we will capture during your special day! At VRP, our main focus is the bride and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. We will start out the day photographing the bride only getting ready. If you wish to have the groom's coverage of getting ready, a second photographer will need to be purchased for an additional fee for the day. If you have 1 special request shot, we can make this happen and then return to the coverage of the bride. 

If you have any special requests for portraits or photos for us to capture, these requests must be finalized within seven (7) days of your wedding. A finalized shoot list will be emailed directly to you 7 days before your big day to give the final approval. The day of, additional capture requests may not be met. So it is very important to take time and request everything on your form within this time-frame.

Also, while we are talking photos - we ask that you would consider an UNPLUGGED WEDDING. This means you would let your guests know that cell phones, cameras, tablets and recorders are not allowed during your ceremony. We cannot tell our brides enough just how many memories have been missed by photographers in the community from guests who step in the way, hold a phone up in the way, use flash when not necessary and it just creates a big mess. So the way around this is to let all of your guests know that you'd rather have them living the moment rather than capturing it on their phones / cameras. This ensures that our photographers are able to grab the exact moments needed as they happen, rather than fighting to get around guests to grab special memories.

The day of - your reserved photographer will show up on site 10-15 minutes ahead of schedule. This is not to begin coverage, but to take a look at the layout of where the ceremony and reception will take place. This is where we will decide where we will stand for photos, the best angles and plan out how to shoot your wedding. Your getting ready coverage will begin 30 MINUTES BEFORE your ceremony is to begin.

The Wedding Party - Please practice with your wedding party to have them walk SLOWLY down the isle and stop RIGHT BEFORE THE ALTAR for about 10-15 seconds so we can grab their photo. We will wave discretely wave them when they are clear to walk.

During Portraits - Please dismiss your entire wedding guest party before portraits begin. During this time, as per our contract, no other photography is allowed. This includes on cell phones & cameras. No exceptions are made to this, as Vision of Rose Photo's ideas for formal portraits are those of our own creative works. It is very important that everyone is aware ahead of time if they are staying for portraits or if they are dismissed. Each of those in portraits needs to stay together in a group and are ready to jump in as needed. This allows us to fully optimize your portrait time without losing any special moments. After everyone's portraits have been taken, we will ask that everyone is dismissed so that we can have private time with the Bride + Groom.

At the Reception - Our photographers are asked frequently by guests "Hey! Can you grab a photo of *X*?" While we do not mind grabbing quick shots, please ensure your guests understand that our top priority is to capture your special day to our best ability. As long as grabbing the photo does not come in the way of us grabbing important shots needed for your coverage, we absolutely do not mind stopping for a moment to snap a photo! During dinner, your reserved photographer will be seated for a break to eat as guests eat. Out of respect for guests and the wedding party, we will not offer photography coverage during this time. Because let's be honest - who wants a photo of themselves eating? :) This break does not come out of your wedding coverage time. We have scheduled a 30 minute break in your wedding timeline so that your package time is not affected. Typically, when the wedding party goes up to be served food, this is when our photographers grab their meal as well. The reason for this is, so that we can eat and get right back to doing our jobs as quickly as possible as to ensure no precious moments are missed.

One Final Request - Lastly, we have one final request! Please make your wedding planner, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, etc. Whomever is in charge of planning your wedding, aware of what our contract terms are. This ensures everyone is on the same page of what is covered, what is not covered and helps the day go smoothly. 

Thank you!


  • GETTING READY (30 mins):
    • Bride's Shoes, Details (perfume, sentimental touches) + Bouquet
      • (Please bring a wedding invitation + any printed materials (itinerary, etc.) with you for photos)
    • Bride putting on dress (final touches)
    • Bridal Party helping Bride
    • Mother of the Bride giving a final look
    • Candid moments of bridal party together
    • Bride Fully Dressed
    • Rings
      • (Please assign someone to bring the rings to the bridal area for photos and then take them back for the ring bearer)
    • Groom's Shoes, Details (cologne, sentimental touches
    • Groom putting on wardrobe (final touches)
    • Groom's party helping Groom
    • Candid moments of groom's party together
    • Groom fully dressed
  • CEREMONY (30-40 mins):
    • Wedding Party + Bridal Walk (entrance)
    • Groom + Groom's Party Waiting
    • Bride's Entrance
    • Groom's First Look
    • Bridal Hand-Off for Marriage
    • Vow Exchange
    • Ring Exchange
    • First Kiss
    • Bride + Groom Exit
    • Wedding Decor + Details (Zeryk)
    • (Grandparents and Elderly Dismissed)
    • Friend "biting" Wife
    • Wedding Party Exiting (chaos)
  • FORMAL PORTRAITS (30 mins):
    • Bride + Groom with Grandparents
    • Bride + Groom with Bride's Immediate Family
    • Bride + Groom with Groom's Immediate Family
    • Bride + Groom with Combined Families
    • Bride + Groom with Bride's Mother and/or Father
    • Bride Alone with Bride's Mother and/or Father
    • Bride + Groom with Groom's Mother and/or Father
    • Groom Alone with Groom's Mother and/or Father
    • SPECIAL REQUEST: Cousins, Grandparents + Bride with Sisters
    • Bride + Groom with Entire Wedding Party
    • SPECIAL REQUEST: Wedding Party (Zombie Run)
    • Bride + Groom with Bridal Party + Flower Girls
    • Bride with Bridal Party
    • Bride with Maid of Honor
    • Groom with Bridal Party
    • Bride + Groom with Groom's Party + Ring Bearers
    • Groom with Groom's Party
    • Groom with Best Man
    • Bride with Groom's Party
    • Bride + Groom with Flower Girls + Ring Bearers 
    • Bride + Groom's Private Time
    • Bride + Groom's Hands with Rings On
      • ** Please print this list out and let everyone know during the rehearsal dinner how portraits will take place so there is no confusion and/or running after people who have left that need to still be photographed.
  • RECEPTION (3.5 hours):
    • Bride + Groom Entrance
    • Bride + Groom First Dance
    • Special Dances to Follow**
      • BREAK DURING DINNER WITHOUT PHOTOGRAPHY COVERAGE (not deducted from coverage time).
    • Cake Table + Cake Cutting**
    • Formal Toast**
    • Candid Moments of Guests (dancing, laughing, etc.) (Zeryk)
    • Reception Decor + Details
    • Bouquet Toss**
    • Garter Toss**
    • Bride + Groom Exit / Send-Off**
      • Please Note** Some of the reception moments listed above may not be captured depending on the coverage time you have reserved. If your wedding day begins to run behind and you wish for our photographer(s) to stay, you can reserve additional time the day of and the balance will be added to your wedding balance. The rate is $150 for the first additional hour to stay and then $75 per hour for every hour to follow.

If you have any requests to add to our shoot-list, please send it to us via email at: BOOKING@VISIONOFROSEPHOTO.COM at least 7 days before your wedding is to begin.