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Join the VRP Tribe // Season Four

Our spokesmodel program has been a signature staple for Vision of Rose Photography for FOUR years in a row and this year, we're looking for new couture models to represent us in the roll-out of our newly revamped rep program.. THE VRP TRIBE! 

What is a tribe? A tribe is defined as a close knit group and that's exactly what the rep program was designed for; a close knit group that has one mission in mind and that is to reach the hearts of others to allow them to experience the VRP experience in hopes that it will help them see how beautifully amazing they are, just as they are!  

This program is for the every day woman who loves Vision of Rose Photography's work and mission! Our mission is to help the every day woman gain a boost of confidence, love herself for who she is and show EVERY woman that she is a B.E.A.U.T.Y which stands for Bold. Elegant, Assertive. Unique. Timeless. You! But this year? We're doing something even bigger.. it's now open to men who want the same for their fellow men!! So this year, we are opening our signature program up to be a co-ed program, open to everyone, ages 17 years old and up!!

Our VRP Tribe Brand Rep program allows every day women to feel pampered and beautiful on several occasions for free while earning points to some amazing prizes and now, men can have the same experience! 

As a VRP Tribe Brand Rep, you'll have the chance of earning some amazing perks such as:

  • Portrait Sessions EXCLUSIVELY for Brand Reps
  • Deep discounts on portrait sessions for your friends and family (or even yourself!)
  • Monetary prizes from some of our favorite stores
  • Vouchers to share with friends and family
  • The chance to join a group that will uplift and support you through even the toughest times! We are a family!

The best part? There is no cost to join our program*! All you have to do is apply. There are three rounds to acceptance into the program:

ROUND ONE: Filling out this application! We'll review it and get in touch if you are chosen for round two!
ROUND TWO: If you are chosen as a semi-finalist, you'll receive an email from us with your next task!
ROUND THREE: If after our semi-finalist round you are chosen as a FINALIST, you'll come in for a face to face interview with our interview panel composed of some of our Veteran Reps and members of the VRP Team!

Ideal Qualities of a VRP Brand Rep are:

  • Fun
  • Outgoing
  • Drama Free (can I get an AMEN!?)
  • Able to devote around 2-4 hours a week talking about VRP either on social media or in person
  • Willing to do what it takes to refer friends and family
  • Not afraid to talk about VRP or the services we offer
  • Able to verbally communicate what The VRP Experience has done for them
  • Confident (even if just a tiny bit!)
  • A GOOD, HONEST person (Heart of Gold!)
  • Someone who enjoys doing for others more than doing for them
  • Someone who loves to volunteer!
  • Keeps their social media upbeat, drama-free and POSITIVE
  • Is an advocate against racism, body shaming, bully and any other form of injustice. We do not tolerate any form of these in our program.

What it's not...

  • A place that tolerates "cliques"

  • A place to bash other photographers or entrepreneurs

  • A FREE photo shoot opportunity

  • A place for drama, rudeness + the "mean girls vibe"

  • A program to use for self gain or selfish intentions

  • A place that tolerates any form of bullying, shaming or hate

  • A place for you to market your own business

  • A time-consuming "job" that takes a lot of time

What is the brand rep program?

  • A place to make lasting friendships

  • Positive Representation of VRP

  • A way to EARN perks, shoots + prizes

  • A fun way to build confidence in yourself & others

  • A way to reach other women + men positively


  • An opportunity to market a business (VRP / SSG)

  • A 3-5 hour weekly commitment to TALK about VRP


WHAT IS A BRAND REP AND WHAT DO THEY ACTUALLY DOA Brand Rep is someone who is passionate about representing Vision of Rose Photo in a positive, empowering and uplifting way so that other women and men can experience the services and products VRP has to offer. Brand reps post on social media, talk about VRP in person to their friends, family, co-workers and well.. anyone willing to listen! They earn perks such as portrait sessions, prizes and gifts throughout the year based on their performance as a Brand Rep. They have a passion to talk about what VRP has done for them or their experience with our company and want to shout it from the mountain tops! Brand Reps also offer friends and family exclusive discounts that they won't receive anywhere else.

WILL I RECEIVE FREE PHOTO SHOOTS? The opportunity is there for you to earn access to free portrait sessions, however, these will only be offered to those who have earned them or that we feel are worked hard as a Brand Rep. This isn't an opportunity to just get dolled up and get free photos - it's so much deeper than that! 

HOW MUCH OF A TIME COMMITMENT IS IT? Typically, we say it is a 3-5 hour per week time commitment for you to talk to others about VRP! All we ask is that every day and every opportunity you get, you talk about VRP to any willing and listening ear as well as across social media platforms by talking, sharing posts, tagging friends, inviting them to our page, adding them to our VIP group, etc. If you are chosen for photo shoots and wish to participate, it could be an all day commitment if lots of details are put in or it could be a short 15 minute commitment. You would receive plenty of notice in advance letting you know what type of time commitment you are facing prior to you accepting your shoot spot. Each rep needs to be active in our online group, however, this doesn't mean you have to respond to every post. Just active. There are online or in person meetings once every other month for a team check-in and only takes around 15-30 minutes to do so. There are 4 quarterly meet-ups per year in the form of an outing, night out, lunch date, cookout, retreat, etc. or our annual Christmas party. Lastly, there is a commitment to help with our VRP  Christmas Angels program in the form of baking cookies, helping to wrap gifts, helping to sort gifts, shopping days to shop for gifts, volunteering at our event, etc. (only one volunteer commitment is needed).

HOW LONG DO CONTRACTS LAST? Contracts run in 10 month increments. Our 2018 season contracts begin April 1st and will end on February 1 2019. 

ARE PURCHASES REQUIRED IN THE PROGRAM? Purchases are not a requirement, however, there will be some photo shoots that we will offer to reps during the program duration where professional hair + makeup will be required or purchases for wardrobe, etc. However, these shoots are voluntary and are not mandatory to participate. Each Brand Rep will also have the option to add on our Diamond or Gold VIP Kit which we will cover during our Brand Rep social.

Requirements if Chosen:

  • 17 years of age or older by March 1, 2018
  • Must be willing to volunteer in December during our VRP Christmas Angels program. (No Exceptions)
  • Must travel to portrait locations assigned by VRP
  • Must be an active citizen in their community and able to provide at least 2 professional references + 2 personal references if requested!
  • Some portrait sessions may require purchases such as hair & makeup, wardrobe, props, etc. *
  • If chosen as a finalist, a set date will be sent out for the face-to-face interview portion. Finalist MUST be there on the date and time assigned. Backup dates and times will not be given.
  • Brand Reps will have the chance to make additional purchases within the program to make their experience even better, however, these purchases are not a requirement!
  • Must not be under any other contract with any other photographers. VRP Brand Reps are exclusive to VRP and will need to sign a contract.
  • Willingness to step outside of comfort zone and take on the visions Rosey or Zeryk assigns for portrait sessions.
  • Subject to social media review and approval. Must represent VRP in a positive light at all times.
  • Willingness to commit to 3-5 hours weekly to talk about VRP across social media or in person.
  • Willingness to talk to businesses or other entrepreneurs about VRP.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please take a moment to fill out the form below and we will be in touch!


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