VRP Christmas - Family - Application

VRP Christmas ANGELS - Apply

Hello and welcome to our application page to be sponsored for Christmas! Please take a moment to fill out the form entirely without leaving any spaces blank.

Please understand that all families may not receive assistance. All applications received will be read thoroughly and cross-checked with other organizations in the area to ensure families are not receiving assistance if stated on the application they have not. If you are receiving assistance or plan to apply for assistance from other organizations, it is very important that you answer this truthfully on your application. Dishonest and fraudulent applications will result in ban from the VRP Christmas Angels program.

Parent or Guardian of accepted family MUST be willing to come IN PERSON on SATURDAY DECEMBER 15TH to collect gifts. Anyone unable or unwilling to do so will not receive items. This is a mandatory stipulation for all accepted families.

If your family has been selected to receive sponsorship, you will be notified by NOVEMBER 1ST!

Name *
Address *
What type of gifts do you need the most help purchasing? *
What are your child's CURRENT greatest needs? *
Have you received assistance from Vision of Rose Photo in the past? *
I understand that I will be disqualified from this form if I have put any information that is found to be false. I understand that Vision of Rose Photo will cross-reference with local charities and programs to ensure families are not receiving assistance from additional partners if they have stated they are not. *
I understand by filling out and submitting this form, it does not guarantee my family will receive assistance for the Christmas season. I understand this is just an application to qualify my family. I understand I will be notified via email if my family is chosen for sponsorship. I understand that I must pick up my family's gifts on Saturday December 15th between 11AM - 1PM in Hopewell VA. By checking agree, I am agreeing to all of the above and state that all information provided on this form is true and accurate to my best ability. *