My name is Trish- married to my love Steve for going on 12 years of forever and making memories with our daughter, Keira, our pride and joy. Unicorns, Rainbows, and Glitter are just a few things I get distracted with on a daily basis, and being a nanny to three wonderful kids keeps me on my toes.

I came to know VRP through a Christmas mini! I saw VRPs work and fell in love. I wanted to become a Spokesmodel to step out of my comfort zone and prove to other girls who felt the way I did: that they didn't belong in something such as this because of the various ways the world had made them feel they weren't enough.

Fun facts about me: 

  1. My family is number one! They make me feel so incredibly blessed, No matter what day I'm having, just being with them makes everything feel like home. 
  2. Laughter is a constant medicine- never stop, cause keeping a smile on my face is key!
  3. Loveeee anything with glitter or unicorns or rainbows or bright bright colors, happiness is an understatement when I see them.
  4. Pictures are a thing for me- one day I know I'm gonna look back on all of these as my memories so I take a lot of them, even keeping the crazy ones (haha)
  5. Traveling the world is something I'm over the moon about doing, seriously, I can't wait to just stick thumbtacks in all the places I've been with a picture I've taken there on a huge map on my wall!

Why should you book with VRP? You'll never regret booking, no mater what your anxiety tells you. 
I overthought about my first session, and all of the crazy things kept popping up in my head telling me I wasn't going to look like the other beauties I had seen and adored. 
Anxiety can be somewhat right and truthful cause I didn't- I was more than that. I felt incredibly beautiful and proud of the woman staring back at me when I got the first preview pic. Once I got them all back, I was in awe. It was me! 
Rosey helped me see the person I always was, without the judgement I always gave myself. 
It was mind blowing, surreal, and I was hooked from day one!

My Testimonial:Being nervous isn't even the word, but Rosey knows how to keep anyone's mind at ease. It's like she can see every emotion you're feeling, and she wants to assure you she's been there, and felt everything you're feeling, but that you have no worries. 
I'm shaking the whole time I am being photographed but not from just being shy but feeling incredibly awesome about myself and this opportunity. Rosey encourages you to be yourself during it all, and the result is incredible as she captured my personality in a photograph. Something I never thought in a million years I could be, and here I am, on this screen, many years later, still feeling the adrenaline before getting a preview shot: "Vision of Rose Photography has tagged you in a picture."

My 2017-2018 Album

Click on each photo to bring up the full high-resolution image and take a peek at some of the work I've done so far in the 2017-2018 Spokesmodel Season!

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