SIMPLY PUT, WE CARE. We care about you, about the experience you'll have and we care that you have decided to make an investment in US! We do not take our client experience lightly. In fact, it's why we've made a name for ourselves! We take pride and care in each and every one of our shoots. Whether it's a mini session, a marathon, a styled shoot, a full experience or a wedding; we do our absolute best to ensure our clients are comfortable, happy and most of all - feel LOVED and APPRECIATED. 

We work hard from the moment you first inquire with us, to ensure you feel welcome and to make sure that your full experience is hassle-free. We help our clients every step of the way; from the booking process to the moment you receive your images.. and even after! We have a top-notch team that is here for you as soon as you email, and ready & willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

In fact, we help with the entire process! From booking, to planning your wardrobe, to helping you pick which nail color would work best, to reminding you to iron your wardrobe, to looking for hairbands still on your wrist, to telling you how to pose, to capturing memories that you'll be proud to hang on your wall, to helping you select the best prints & sizes and even coming to your home to help you build the perfect portrait wall! We're there for you and we care about you.


We Believe in LOVE

We are proud to say we ally with the LGBTQ+ community and are happily welcoming clients!! We have proudly serviced many of the LGBTQ+ community in the form of portrait sessions, engagements, weddings, funding donations to LGBTQ+-friendly charities and through our VRP Tribe & Brand Rep Program.

We love the Earth!

Did you know that VRP is an Earth-friendly company? It's true!

There are just a few things we do to ensure we do our part in keeping our earth clean and safe for all by cutting down waste, recycling and re-purposing products & props and much more. Here are just a few ways we do our best to keep the earth beautiful for all to enjoy:

👗 - We only buy brand new wardrobe when it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise, most of the wardrobe we use in our shoots have been thrifted or purchased from local shops! Once we've run out of uses for a piece, we'll either let our clients take it home or we'll donate it to a cause or someone that can use it!

🌷 - All of our props are re-purposed and used in more than one shoot. We'll change up the way it's used so that the prop looks different each shoot. For instance, we'll change the flowers inside or tie a ribbon around an empty vase!

💫 - All of the glitter & confetti we purchase to use in our shoots is biodegradable and earth-friendly! We purchase from a few different companies that we have found and LOVE. If you want to make the switch, search out "biodegradable glitter and confetti"! We also encourage clients who wish to use these for their sessions to purchase biodegradable earth-friendly products!

🎈 - We do not do "balloon releases" in our shoots and love to educate our clients on the harm and risks of balloon releases. We are a proud supporter of Balloons Blow

💦 - We donate a portion of our proceeds every year to charity: water, which has a mission to "partner with organizations with years of experience to build sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world."

🥙 - When we host shoots or events that have refreshments served, we try our best to recycle the disposables. Any food that is left over is packaged up and given out to those who are homeless in our area.

Client Testimonials

Want to know what it's like to be photographed by Vision of Rose Photo? Check out some of our client's testimonials below by clicking their video, or scroll down to read some recent love left on our VRP FB page!