Stylized Intake Form


Hello Everyone!!

Saturday December 16th is our big day! Please read all information very carefully, as this will answer any questions you may have about our shoot.

  • LOCATION: 3502 River Road Hopewell VA 23860 (Crystal Lake // Mathis Park)

*Please note we did move the shoot from Petersburg to Crystal Lake in Hopewell due to burs in the grass that may get stuck in feet and legs.


- Individual & Group camera time

- Wardrobe and Accessories to wear

- Minimum of 15 images uploaded into an online album with printing rights to all (some group shots and some individual)

- Feature in She's So Glamorous Magazine's January Edition

Everyone will arrive promptly at 2P with hair already styled in a way that you wish to style so long as it looks neatly done. Stray hairs should be secured and loose hair should look freshly brushed. We suggest tight curls, braids or up-dos to help keep hair neat and fresh for portraits. Bows and ribbons will be supplied, please do not place any in your little one's hair. For boys, we suggest adding a touch of hair spray or gel to secure hair.

BOYS: All boys should wear neutral colored shoes. Tennis shoes are fine if it is all that you have, however, we suggest dress shoes or sandals. Brown, White or Black. Solid in color without any additional colors. No other designs should be on shoes.

GIRLS: All girls should wear neutral colored shoes. Tennis shoes or boots are fine if it is all that you have, however, we suggest dressy sandals or mini heels. Black, Gold, White or Silver. Solid in color without any additional colors. No other designs should be on shoes.

WARDROBE: Wardrobe will be given to each little one as they arrive to put on. Wardrobe is going to be a portrayal of a Prince or Princess I have personally assigned your child. They will not be Disney themed. It will be your little one portrayed as the Prince or Princess they are! 

Some wardrobe may or may not be keep-able, so please be sure once your child has been changed into wardrobe, that they calmly wait for their turn in front of the camera. Please do not allow them to play in the dirt or run around so they can avoid getting sweaty and dirty before their time in front of the camera. Our team will let you know if your little one can keep their wardrobe once we hand it to you.

PHOTO: If you have NOT sent me a photo of your child, please take a moment and do so now in a reply to this email. This is needed so we can have an accurate vision of how to portray your child through wardrobe and accessories.

Please encourage little ones to:

- Wait patiently for their turn in front of the camera.

- Be kind and encourage one another on.

Some things we suggest bringing with you are:

- Snacks (ones that do not stain or are messy)

- Water

- An item your child would love to include in their portraits such as a blanket, story book, stuffed animal, doll or toy that they love dearly.

- Tissues for runny noses or watery eyes.

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER CHILDREN: There are plenty of little ones, some with compromised immune systems, who are participating in this shoot. If your child is feeling under the weather for ANY reason or is coughing or has a runny nose, has had exposure to lice, or has a contagious skin condition (chicken pox, etc.), please schedule your child to do their shoot on a private date. We do not want to take the risk of spreading any viruses to other little ones. There is NO penalty for rescheduling, so please do so if for any reason your little one is not feeling well.

RESPECT OF CAMERA TIME: We have well over 10 little ones who are participating in this shoot, we will give every effort to get photos of your little one however, if they are not cooperating or do not feel like participating, we will move on to the next little one and give them a chance to relax for a bit. We will make one final attempt after all others have been photographed. VRP is not responsible for images not captured of children who are non-cooperative. Please talk with your little ones before arriving to encourage them to be on their best behavior. Take time with them to practice in front of a mirror to pick a smile they are happy with and encourage them with positive words: "You look beautiful!!" "That's a handsome smile!!" "What a great job you are doing!!" .. Parents who are negative at the shoot or who are asking their children to "Use a real smile" will be asked to step away from the shooting area. These words are hurtful and discouraging to little ones. Positive encouragement is what VRP is about and we trust that each parent will do the same. While we are posing your little ones, please do not interfere or redirect your child. Any parent doing this will also be asked to step away from the shooting area.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography of any kind is absolutely not allowed whether from a camera or cell phone during the shoot. This is to respect the privacy of all children who are participating in the shoot. After the shoot concludes, you are welcome to pull your child aside and grab a quick photo of them in their wardrobe before returning it. Any parents caught photographing during the shoot will be asked to leave. We have a very high respect for our client's privacy, especially when they are little ones! 

MODEL + PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE: A model release form will be given for each child to have a parent or legal guardian fill out. A parent or legal guardian MUST be present to sign for the participating child. Without this form, we are unable to allow your child to participate in the shoot.

PRINT BUNDLES: We have 3 Print Bundles available for purchase if you wish to take your little one's experience even further!! To take a look at our Print Bundles, head to the website: // Print bundles must be purchased by Friday October 6th and will not be available after the shoot. Children who have print bundles purchased will receive an additional amount of time in front of the camera to ensure enough portraits are taken for a variety of prints.

RAIN POLICY: As stated on our form below, we do have a "20% Rain Policy". What this means is when we check the weather the night before, if we see a 20% or more chance for rain during the day of our styled shoot, we will reschedule for our rain date of SATURDAY JANUARY 13TH @ 1PM. Please mark this date on your calendars just in case we have to reschedule. An email will come out to you by Saturday October 7th if we are rescheduling due to weather so please add to your contact list so you do not miss any emails from us!

CONFIRMATION: Lastly, please take a moment to fully fill out the sizing form below as well as sign off on the confirmation.

Thank you!

Child's Name *
Child's Name
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Mailing Address (no PO Boxes)
VRP has a "20% Rain Policy" which states: If rain is in the forecast for the day of the shoot and the chances of rain are 20% or higher, the shoot will be canceled and moved to a new date. Notice of cancelation will be sent out 24 hours before the scheduled shoot. Refunds are NOT offered for rain cancellations, as a new date will be given. This applies for styled shoots due to the amount of detail and effort that goes in to the shoot. *