Meet Rosey

Let's get personal...

Just a small town girl....

Ok, I know it's kind of a cliche but hey, who doesn't love some cheese? Even if it's just the metaphorical kind. My name is Rosey, I reside in the beautiful state of Virginia and I am the owner of Vision of Rose Photo, as well as the wife to an amazing man named Zeryk, and mother of 4 super awesome kiddos named Zophelia, Zayne, Zim and Zedwin! As well as our angel-baby whom we never had the opportunity to meet. And of course, our sweet-yet-hyper furbaby Chunk. I specialize in women's portraiture - specifically glamour, boudoir, couture, fashion and pinup. Which means, I get to help women like you feel beautiful in your own skin! I am also the founder of She's So Glamorous Magazine; a magazine for the everyday woman, by the everyday woman! I have a DEEP passion for photographing and featuring women from all walks of life who otherwise may not be featured on any other platform. This same passion goes for our LGBTQ+ communities. Your love is our love and I LOVE celebrating it with you!

Bold. Elegant. Assertive. Unique. Timeless. You.


BEAUTY. The heart of VRP is built solely around this and my passion for helping women to see how beautiful they are, just as they are!! Yes, that includes YOU! I grew up having many self-confidence issues and often times, it was easier for me to say that I hated how I looked rather than to accept compliments from others.

Though dealing with those issues was often times very hard, I am thankful for them because it allowed me to grow and appreciate all forms of beauty. Not just the "standard beauty" that is pushed in magazines and media.

I want women to know that beauty is something that starts within and radiates out and I KNOW that I can capture that for you. Why? Because I, too, have been there in front of pictures of myself and thought about all of the features on myself I hate. And I know what it's like to exclude myself from family portraits and photo-ops because I was "too big" or "feeling ugly".

But you know what else? I learned that none of that matters because it's not everything on the outside that everyone see's first. They see my heart, my spirit, my passion for helping others and THAT is what they find to be beautiful.. and THAT is what I specialize in capturing on camera.

I don't focus on the outer beauty - I focus on YOU, the woman you are and I bring that to life in your images. Because you're worth someone taking the time to capture YOU.

Our mission is to provide an experience for all of our clients in hopes that they will leave their session feeling refreshed, renewed and restored. All clients are GOLD to us and will always be treated that way!! Our mission is to provide a couture portrait experience for our clients that allows them to relax, receive pampering and walk away from their session feeling motivated with their renewed confidence.

If you'd like to know more about me and what goes on behind the scenes over here at VRP - check us out on Instagram @visionofrosephoto ------->



10 Random Facts

10. I LOVE caramel. Seriously. Specifically, sea salt caramel.

09. I love reheated Starbucks coffee. I'm not kidding. I sometimes order two drinks to put one in the fridge just to reheat later.

08. I am that random person you see singing in the car to themselves.

07. I love teaching other people. It can be something as simple as how to use social media or something big like how to start up a business. 

06. I'm a total softy for kids. Like.. honestly.. a literal push-over. haha

05. I LOVE watching cooking shows. I always love to take notes and see if I can create a similar dish with my own flare.

04. My favorite scent is anything apple. 

03. Anthropologie is my newest addiction. I need serious control when I enter that store!

02. I love to travel and see new places.

01. I am loyal. You can tell me anything and I promise, I take it to the grave! 

β€œTop 40 Under 40 Professionals” Winner 2019