Rep Contract

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Couture Spokesmodel Program

I am SO excited to have you on this journey with me! I cannot even begin to put in to words how much fun we are going to have this year! Here's just a few things you get to look forward to:

  • Your choice of a mini glamour, boudoir, pinup or fashion shoot to brag about your experience with VRP!
  • Exclusive participation in styled shoots, workshops and marathons if you choose *fees may apply
  • Monthly meet-ups with all participating models (friendships! YAS!)
  • PRIZES and rewards to be earned
  • Build relationships with brand new faces
  • Participation in a final stylized shoot at the end of the year - It's gonna be epic!


As a Spokesmodel for VRP, it is important to remember that this is first and foremost about someone other than ourselves. VRP's goal is to reach women and the goal of Spokesmodels is to bring in those women so that they can be empowered, encouraged and uplifted; which is VRP's mission. If you are unable to commit to the following requirements, please say so up front before accepting your position as a Spokesmodel. VRP holds our Spokesmodels at a very high standard and contracts are reevaluated monthly for each participating model to ensure each and every goal is met so that our partnership stays fresh, fun and on track! To stay active in the program, all Spokesmodels must meet the following requirements:

  • At least one (1) social media posting about Vision of Rose Photography once every week. This can be done through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The Hashtag #vrpspokesmodel must be used for the post to count. Posts must come from the heart and must have text that you have written yourself. Just sharing a post by VRP without adding something from yourself does not count.
  • Cannot "shout-out", represent, promote or work with any other photographers while under this contract with Vision of Rose Photography unless it directly affects your business or you have previously booked a photographer prior to this agreement.
  • Due to the sensitive detailing put in to styled shoots, casting calls or marathons, changes in hair style or color, weight loss or gain, pregnancy, visible tattoo additions or removals, piercing additions or removals, dental or facial work, skin condition changes or visible scars must be reported to Vision of Rose Photography in a timely fashion so that wardrobe adjustments or plans can be altered if needed.
  • Waivers, contracts and model releases will be required to be signed at all shoots and/or events.
  • Marketing kits will be available for purchase, however, it is not a requirement to participate in the program. Marketing Kits will give an advantage on earning perks, points and prizes from the program, as well as VIP access to certain shoots without paying a fee and more. VRP is NOT responsible in any way for failure to give out vouchers. VRP will make every effort to educate, encourage and give ideas on where to pass out vouchers, however, it is solely up to the Spokesmodel to make the effort to engage and distribute vouchers.
  • Removal from the Spokesmodel program before the twelve (12) month requirement is allowed, however, a written letter or email must be sent to Vision of Rose Photography directly and a release of contract form must be signed by both parties should you find that the Spokesmodel program is not for you. Vision of Rose Photography may end your contract at any time should Rosey or her team find participating Spokesmodels are not meeting requirements listed in this contract. Any funds paid towards marketing kits will not be refunded. Spokesmodels must carry out their entire twelve (12) month contract in order to redeem points earned. Early termination of a contract either by Spokesmodel or VRP will result in liquidated points that are lost and are no longer redeemable towards redemption.
  • By participating in the program, Spokesmodels are required to represent Vision of Rose Photography in a positive, upbeat and inspiring way. Should you become dissatisfied with any part of Vision of Rose Photography, the matter should be taken up with Rosey Slocum privately. Posting on social media or spreading negative reviews and/or thoughts about Vision of Rose Photography is not allowed in any manner. This includes in conversations among fellow Spokesmodels. Any Spokesmodels in violation with this will be removed from the program permanently without any chance of becoming a Spokesmodel in the future with VRP. This is not a negotiable offense.
  • All social media postings, in person conversations and online-presence must be done so in a manner in which represents Vision of Rose Photography's brand accurately and positively. As a Spokesmodel, you are a part of Vision of Rose Photography's brand. Meaning all of your personal social media postings should be done in a tasteful, respectful manner. Negative behavior, bullying, posting intimidating meme's or gifs that make fun, posting negatively in general or sharing explicit things on your personal page are all considered against Vision of Rose Photography's brand and will result in a peer consult with a VRP Team Member or Mentor. If VRP feels a resolution has not been met, removal from the program will initiate. 
  • If you are dissatisfied with any portion of VRP, all Spokesmodels agree to take the issue directly to Rosey rather than speaking about it externally or with another Team Member or Spokesmodel. Any Spokesmodels in violation with this will be removed from the program permanently without any chance of becoming a Spokesmodel in the future with VRP. This is not a negotiable offense.
  • Spokesmodels will respect one another under all circumstances; whether at VRP photo shoots or out and about outside of VRP. VRP understand that not everyone's personalities will mesh well, however, Spokesmodels agree to show mutual respect to ALL reps (both teen and adult) and agree to not speak negatively about another rep for VRP. Any Spokesmodels in violation with this will be removed from the program permanently without any chance of becoming a Spokesmodel in the future with VRP. VRP has a 0 tolerance drama, bullying and disrespecting policy. This is not a negotiable offense.

PORTRAIT SESSION: Spokesmodel will have the option to choose either a Glamour, Boudoir, Fashion or Pinup portrait session with Vision of Rose Photography as your way to promote VRP. Session will include wardrobe styling help (wardrobe not provided for boudoir), 30 minute portrait session. Spokesmodel will also receive 4 high res images with Vision of Rose Photography's watermark on them to use on social media (2 images from Headshot session and 2 from end-of-year styled shoot). Additional images are available for purchase separately or with a marketing kit. All Spokesmodels are required to have their hair and makeup professionally done for the portraits. Sessions will be photographed during weekdays (Monday - Friday) at 6:45PM time periods. You must email Rosey directly at to book your session. session must be booked by June 15th, 2017. No exceptions. If you are unable to meet this requirement, please opt out of the program.

SESSION FEES: There is no charge to participate in the Spokesmodel program, however, some sessions in the future may require fees for makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe purchases, etc. These fees would be noted up front before Spokesmodel agrees to participate in the shoot. Portrait Session mentioned above will not have a fee for participation. Fee for participation is waived for this one session. Marketing kits are also available for purchase as well as brand-specific Vision of Rose Photography merchandise. Marketing kit purchase does waive the hair & makeup fee for certain shoots but not all. 


MONDAY MAY 15TH - DEADLINE to accept or deny VRP's Spokesmodel opportunity offer and sign contract.

TUESDAY JUNE 6TH (7PM) - 3rd Annual Spokesmodel's Cupcake Social. Location TBA. This is event requires your attendance to fully accept your position as a 2017-2018 Spokesmodel!

THURSDAY JUNE 15TH - Last day to book mini session with VRP. 

SUNDAY AUGUST 20TH - 1st Annual VRP Prom // Enchanted Wonderland - All Spokesmodels are encouraged to attend however, it is not required. However, Spokesmodels are required to promote the event.

FRIDAY APRIL 13TH - MONDAY APRIL 16TH 2018 - Annual Spokesmodel Retreat. Budget will be between $125 - $200 per Spokesmodel. This will be an all weekend stay. Votes will take place to pick a location by September 2017 so that budgets can be set and plans can be made. This is not a required attendance retreat, however, you will miss out if you choose not to go! ;)

MAY 15TH 2018 - Contract with VRP as a Spokesmodel ends.


As stated above, one of the goals of the Spokesmodel program is to build relationships and friendships so that we, as women, can uplift, empower and encourage one another! To do this, we must come together to get to know one another, celebrate victories together and support one another through rough times! The idea is that you'll know that there's always someone on your side, no matter what you're going through. VRP will host several ladies nights, date nights, cookouts and outings throughout the year. Attendance to at least 4 events over your 12 month contract period is required. You are welcome to choose which events you would like to attend and which ones you are unable to go to. At VRP, we understand that not everyone has the funds to participate in events and outings that require fees, so we will do our best to host events that are neutral to all! 

Here's an idea of just a few of the outings we are already planning (dates + more outings to come!):

  • Ladies Bowling Night
  • Bring Your Own Dish - Cookout at Crystal Lake, Hopewell VA
  • Ladies Movie Night In // We'll come together at a fellow Spokesmodel's house to enjoy movie snacks & movies... in our PJ's of course! (If you can host one of these nights, please email Rosey at )
  • Couple's Night Out
  • Ladies Day on the Town // Day trip to Williamsburg, VA Beach, Cary Town, Washington DC, etc.

The VRP Team also encourages you to show your support to one another when someone is going through something, has a baby, celebrates marriage or just needs a friend. Being there for one another is the heart of VRP so please take the time to reach out to one another, get to know one another and build a support system like no other! 

If everything you have read sounds like something you would still like to be apart of, then please take a moment to fill out the information form below and if you would like a copy for your record, I can send one to you as well.

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