Request for Refund

Please fill out this form fully to receive a refund for services. Form will be sent to our accountant who works Monday - Wednesday 8am to 3pm eastern, staff of VRP are unable to process refund requests without the authorization of our accountant.

Upon receiving your request for refund, he will place a draft request and a Postal money order will be purchased, filled out and mailed directly to you. Please note the entire refund process will take 10-12 business days to complete from the date you submit the form; in which we will send a confirmation email to you to let you know the form was received and that the process has begun as well as an expected refund date - shipping of the money order will take 3-7 business days from the US Post Office.

Please fill the form out entirely to ensure no further information is needed to process your refund. 

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Your Name
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Mailing Address (No P.O. Boxes in case a signature is needed)
Please note, separate transactions will be refunded separately and not in one solid transaction.
By checking this box, I have read the above statement on expected refund time and understand what has been written. *