RCB VRP Mashup



ARRIVAL TIME // 3:00PM if you do not need hair assistance. 1:00PM if you DO need hair assistance OR if you have chosen to look at wardrobe for purchase!!! (Hair assistance requires an additional $10.00 cash donation to be paid in person. Dresses require a $20.00 cash donation to be paid in person.) 

SHOOT WRAP TIME // Shoot will conclude for everyone by 6:00PM, however, you are welcome to leave after your portion is done.

GUESTS // Guests are NOT allowed at the shoot. Only participating models and RCB / VRP's team will be allowed. This is to respect the privacy of all participating women as well as the property owner of which we are using for the shoot.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Photography of any kind unless done by participating photographers is NOT allowed. This includes cell phone shots, selfies or any other type of photography until the shoot concludes.

LOCATION // 2700 Watson Ave Prince George 23875 - This is a private property. For insurance and safety purposes, wandering around or straying away from the shoot location is absolutely prohibited.

PARKING // All participating models and team members will be directed on where to park upon arrival. 

WARDROBE // Wardrobe is not provided unless you have requested to look at the dresses available for purchase from the River City Bombshells. Cash payment is accepted for these items. If you are not purchasing wardrobe, you should arrive camera-ready, as there will not be an area to change. Photos of all dresses available for purchase will be sent by Friday, March 17th via email that was used when registering for the event, if you have chosen the option for wardrobe. If you do not see a dress you like, you are welcome to put together your own look. You are not obligated to purchase the dress, even if you have requested to do so. 

CARS + CAR OWNERS // All of our hot rods are owned by private owners who are graciously lending us their beauties for posing purposes. Car owners may or may not be ok with you touching, sitting in/on or leaning against their car. Please ASK before doing any of these things. Please be respectful and courteous to all car owners and remember to thank them for allowing you to work with their prized baby. All car owners have donated their time and beauties to help with the photo shoot, so I want to ensure they are shown and given the highest regard.

POSING // Rosey with Vision of Rose Photo will pose and direct you during your entire time in front of the camera. There's no need to worry or stress, we've got ya! Rosey has several years of experience with posing women of all body types to ensure the absolute best portraits are taken of each and every woman. She has been dubbed "The Model Maker" for this exact reason! So remember to smile and HAVE FUN!

RAIN // If there is a chance for rain, the shoot will be moved to Old Town Petersburg, where there is a bridge covering we can shoot under. The address to GPS in this case would be 39 River St Petersburg VA 23803. An email would be sent out the night before should this happen so please keep an eye out!!!


Time is crucial to making this marathon a success so make sure you arrive on time to the shoot location. Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed in the shoot and a refund will not be given, as this was a donation photo shoot. 

Every participating model will receive the following:

  • A maximum of 10-15 minutes of camera time with one car of your choice
  • Up to 20-25 high-resolution images uploaded into an online album with printing rights

15 minutes of camera time will produce 30-50 images, depending on how quickly we are able to move through posing. If you wish to purchase your full album or one of our other products, you may do so below!


FULL ONLINE HIGH-RES ALBUM: Features all images from your portion of the marathon. If you wish to purchase the full high resolution online album which will include every photo taken of you during the marathon, you may pre-order it for $50.00.

SPIRAL BOUND ALBUM: If you wish to purchase the 4x6 spiral bound, printed album featuring every photo taken of you during the marathon, you may pre-order it for $45.00.

BUNDLE 1: If you wish to purchase both the 4x6 album and the online album together, you can order them as a combined special for $80.00

PINUP CALENDAR: Turn your images into a beautiful 12 month calendar going from May 2017 - April 2018! Calendar is printed in high resolution, full color, glossy cardstock and is ready to hang. The calendar will feature images from your portion of the marathon only. $35.00.

BUNDLE 2: Purchase all of the above. Including: online album, spiral bound album AND calendar. $110.00

***Turnaround time for images is UP TO 3 weeks! You will receive your online images within 10-15 business days after your session. Printed album will be received within 30 business days after your shoot. Business days run MONDAY - FRIDAY only.

Which items are you interested in?

To purchase your add-on, click the payment button after selecting which item(s) you wish to order. Will include a 5.3% VA Sales tax upon checkout!


Below, you will find an example of wardrobe examples for pinup! If you would like further help, please reach out via email at: info@visionofrosephoto.com.


Below are some examples of shoes to wear for your session. 


Below are some examples of fun props + accessories to bring for your shoot to bring it to life!


Below are some recommended pinup hair styles. You are welcome to choose a style that fits you best! 

Recommended Salons:

Hair Works - 5211 Plaza Drive Hopewell, VA 23860 // 804-452-5182

Shear Grace - 12108 Bermuda Crossroads Lane Chester VA 23831 // 804-920-0348

How to Prepare


  • Wax, bleach and/or shave any unwanted hair. This includes facial, arms, legs and private areas.
  • Make a hair appointment if you wish to get your hair done before the shoot. (Do not try any new hair styles that you may regret during your portrait session.)
  • Get your hair and/or roots touched up if needed.
  • Make an appointment for a pedicure if your feet have visible dry skin and/or cracked skin.
  • Follow up with stylist to ensure your hair appointment is scheduled and confirmed.



  • Pluck away any hairs that may have grown back in.
  • Give legs one final shave-over. Moisturize VERY well after.
  • Begin moisture regimen on skin. Full body.



  • Get PLENTY of rest! Any lack of sleep will show up in your portraits.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Remember to not eat ANYTHING that may make you feel gassy or bloated for your portraits.



  • Wash and moisturize face. 
  • Moisturize ENTIRE body and bring additional lotion with you to session.
  • Paint finger and toe nails the same color. 
  • Remove any and all jewelry to leave at home that does not match the theme of your session. VRP is not responsible for lost or stolen pieces you have brought with you.
  • IMPORTANT - If you have chosen to have your hair styled for a cash donation, you MUST arrive with your hair already curled! From there, RCB's hair stylists will give you a pinup style. We will not have access to power supply for heated tools to curl hair, so it is a MUST that you arrive with your hair pre-curled for styling.