Pinup Marathon

PINUP Marathon



MAKEUP TIME // 2:00PM - 2:20PM


GUESTS // Guests are NOT allowed at the shoot. Only participating models and VRP's team will be allowed. This is to respect the privacy of all participating women.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Photography of any kind unless done by participating photographers is not allowed. This includes cell phone shots, selfies or any other type of photography until the shoot concludes.

LOCATION // 209 E Cawson St, Hopewell, VA 23860

WARDROBE // Wardrobe will be given to each of you as you arrive. All models are responsible for getting dressed immediately following makeup application. Remember to wear a button up or loose-neck shirt when you get your hair done as well as to the shoot to ensure hair and makeup are not disturbed when getting dressed. All models are responsible for providing their own under garments (bra and panties), shoes and props.


Wardrobe will be provided for your shoot! Shoes are NOT provided

Each of you must have your hair styled in a pinup style BEFORE arriving. Hair is NOT included in the shoot, however, we have some recommended salons below that you can check with to make an appointment for your day!

Each model should arrive with foundation already applied. This will help us move quickly through makeup so that everyone isn't having to wait long periods of time for everyone else to be done.  We recommend bringing plenty of water!

Due to hygiene purposes, we cannot provide bras or panties. Wardrobe pieces we will provide may include: Jacket, Pants, Sweater, Shirt, Dress, Shorts, Corsets, etc. If you wish to just be photographed in wardrobe that you provide - you may! Please notify us if you plan to do this so that we can remove the wardrobe order for you.

Time is crucial to making this marathon a success so make sure you arrive on time to the shoot location. Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed in the shoot and a refund will not be given. Fees are to cover makeup and wardrobe. 

Every participating model will receive the following:

  • 10 High Resolution, fully retouched images uploaded into an online album with printing & downloading rights to all
  • Feature in She's So Glamorous Magazine - (October 2016)


If you would like to upgrade your session to receive more from the day, you may do so! All add-ons are pre-order only and will not be available for purchase after. Anyone purchasing an upgrade will receive a few additional poses and camera time for their album. To order any of these, fill out the form below.

FULL ONLINE HIGH-RES ALBUM: Features all images from your portion of the marathon. If you wish to purchase the full high resolution online album which will include every photo taken of you during the marathon, you may pre-order it for $50.00.

SPIRAL BOUND ALBUM: If you wish to purchase the 4x6 spiral bound, printed album featuring every photo taken of you during the marathon, you may pre-order it for $45.00.

BUNDLE: If you wish to purchase both the 4x6 album and the online album together, you can order them as a combined special for $80.00

Turnaround time for images is 3 weeks! You will receive your online images within 20 business days after your session. Printed album will be received within 30 business days after your shoot. Business days run MONDAY - FRIDAY only.


Below, you will find an example of recommended underwear to wear for the marathon. These types of bottoms are no-show and will match all themes for each of you.


Below are some examples of shoes to wear for your session. If you wish to know which color shoes to wear, all colors below will match EVERY outfit provided by our stylists!


Below are some examples of fun props to bring for your shoot to bring it to life!


Below are some recommended pinup hair styles. You are welcome to choose a style that fits you best! 

Recommended Salons:

Hair Works - 5211 Plaza Drive Hopewell, VA 23860 // 804-452-5182

Shear Grace - 12108 Bermuda Crossroads Lane Chester VA 23831 // 804-920-0348

How to Prepare


  • Wax, bleach and/or shave any unwanted hair. This includes facial, arms, legs and private areas.
  • Make a hair appointment if you wish to get your hair done before the shoot. (Do not try any new hair styles that you may regret during your portrait session.)
  • Get your hair and/or roots touched up if needed.
  • Make an appointment for a pedicure if your feet have visible dry skin and/or cracked skin.
  • Follow up with stylist to ensure your hair appointment is scheduled and confirmed.



  • Pluck away any hairs that may have grown back in.
  • Give legs one final shave-over. Moisturize VERY well after.
  • Begin moisture regimen on skin. Full body.



  • Get PLENTY of rest! Any lack of sleep will show up in your portraits.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Remember to not eat ANYTHING that may make you feel gassy or bloated for your portraits.



  • Wash and moisturize face. Apply foundation evenly across skin.
  • Moisturize ENTIRE body and bring additional lotion with you to session.
  • Paint finger and toe nails the same color. Red, black, cream, tan or clear is acceptable. Nails painted any other color will require you to remove the color before your session begins.
  • Remove any and all jewelry to leave at home that does not match the theme of your session. VRP is not responsible for lost or stolen pieces you have brought with you.
  • Apply foundation and have hair styled.


    • VRP cannot provide undergarments for you to wear. These must be provided by you and must be in the color listed ONLY. Anyone not in appropriate attire will not be allowed to participate.
  • PROPS:
    • If you would like to include a prop in your shoot such as fresh flowers, you are welcome to bring them. These do not need to be approved. Prop ideas are included above but are not required for you to bring; however, I do recommend them as they will bring your session to life!


Please take a moment to fill out our styling questionnaire so we can begin putting together wardrobe for your big day! Answer everything fully and honestly. Please double check to ensure all sizes provided are correct and up to date. VRP is not responsible for wardrobe that does not fit due to inaccurate information provided by model.

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