I have two children and 4 grandchildren. I have a wonderful husband! I am known affectionately as a crazy cat lady, all my fur babies are rescued. I love my church family and friends! I really enjoy helping people.

A friend of mine introduced me to VRP during a valentines contest in 2013 and I have been hooked ever since!! I really love Rosey and her work, she always makes me feel special and beautiful and I wanted to help others discover the same results!

Fun facts about me: 

  1. If I ever win the lottery my desire will be to open a low cost animal hospital to care for animals and to help control the pet population!
  2. I am a huge fan of Diana the Princess of Wales
  3. I am the oldest of three sisters, as my middle sister Jennifer loves to say I am the oldest sister!
  4. My daughter is getting married in September, we can't wait until the wedding!
  5. I love to read and am an avid lover of scary movies!

Why should you book with VRP? I think everyone deserves to be pampered and with VRP there are so many wonderful choices! You can book a glamour session, a family session, a boudoir session! And then there are the Senior sessions and teen confidence session! There is something for everyone to experience!

My Testimonial: I really enjoy my sessions with VRP, they make me feel so special and beautiful and Rosey and her staff are so nice and very accommodating! There goal is to make you feel very relaxed and comfortable. And a portion of Rosey's fees go towards making life much better for those individuals

My 2017-2018 Album

Click on each photo to bring up the full high-resolution image and take a peek at some of the work I've done so far in the 2017-2018 Spokesmodel Season!

Want to book a session of your own with VRP? There are a few ways to do so! Here are some options:

1 - Join us in our Facebook VIP group. That's where you'll find exclusive casting calls that aren't open to anyone outside of the group! You can request access to join HERE <-- click.

2 - Contact me directly to see if I still have vouchers available! In our VIP Spokesmodel Kit, we received some vouchers for 1/2 off sessions as well as full complimentary sessions! Send me a message and I'll let you know if anything is still available.

3 - Fill out the form below to send a message directly to the VRP Team about what type of session you have in mind! You can take a look at VRP's work by clicking on the menu "Book Your Dream Session" and then preview what you're interested in! If you book directly through me, you'll receive a 15% Discount on Luxe sessions and a 5% Discount on Lite, Sale, Minis, Marathons and Styled Shoot sessions!