Our Heart

Vision of Rose Photo's Mission

To give every woman the chance to feel like a model and to deliver an experience to her that is like no other! At VRP, we love going against the "standard" and creating an environment that encourages women to create their own beauty standards through the expression of photography. Every woman and teen we photograph has a portrait session tailored around her; from our couture portrait sessions to our teen confidence sessions! To ENCOURAGE, UPLIFT and EMPOWER the everyday woman and those who otherwise are not given the platform they deserve. We have a passion for celebrating black women and men of all ages in a positive light, for standing in the corner of those bullied, for giving women of all races and body types the exposure needed to show our culture that EVERY body is a BEAUTIFUL body, and for supporting the rights of our LGBTQ+ community to love whomever they love and that it’s ok to CELEBRATE that love!

Because you deserve to feel as beautiful as we see you!

To hear more of my personal story and the heart behind VRP, take a look at the video below filmed by Jon + Breanne Harris!