Meet Zeryk

Let's get personal...

Zeryk grew up in Oakland, California....

and has lived in numerous states across the US. Some include Tennessee, Arizona and Hawaii!  Currently, he resides in Virginia with his wife, Rosey and their 4 children; Zophelia, Zayne, Zim and Zedwin as well as their furbaby Chunk.

Embracing Emotion // Bringing Light to Darkness.


Zeryk specializes in portraits that push people to embrace things that make them uncomfortable so that from that, they can help others through photography. Zeryk believes that by photographing mental illness through art, people's physical and emotional scars through art, and telling stories through photography, people can receive healing and understanding in knowing that they're not alone in their everyday battles.

Daily, Zeryk puts on his armor and battles depression paired with suicidal thoughts. He has found that expressing himself through photography has allowed him to tap in to a world filled with people who fight the same battle daily. Through this, he is building a network of support for people all across Virginia who are learning that they're not alone.

Zeryk embraces the emotion; the real, raw emotion. Crying, laughing, screaming.. these are his specialty. Most of Zeryk's work is in black and white or deep color. He brings a balance to Vision of Rose Photo, as Rosey shoots mostly in vibrant color.

This balance has exploded in Central Virginia, as Zeryk continues to book sessions and fill up the calendar with people who are looking to tell their stories through photography.

If you're ready to tell your story, head over to "Book Your Dream Session" and click on "Portraits with Zeryk" to get your session on the calendar!



10 Random Facts

10. I am a gamer. 

09. I have lived in or visited over 30 states in the US.

08. My aunt is in a well-known band in Cali. called "Naked Aggression".

07. I hate caramel. The smell, the taste.. all of it. 

06. I love old school punk.

05. I am a huge fan of black and white western films.

04. I prefer film photography over digital any day. 

03. I have a ministry for troubled teens called "Wasteland Vikings".

02. I love to fish, hunt, hike and do anything outdoors.

01. I'd prefer sleeping in a tent on top of a mountain rather than a comfortable bed in a house.