I am the most real person that you will ever meet. I am loyal and protective over the ones I love. I am honest and have a heart of gold. I will do anything for anyone until I get disrespected. I am happily married to my handsome husband, Tony and I have an awesome son named Joey. 

What brought me to VRP? Everything about It! I love the vision, the team, and most importantly, I LOVE Rosey. I wanted to become a Spokesmodel so I could work with other ladies. I love empowering one another and helping females love themselves.

Fun facts about me: 

  1. I LOVE my Dallas Cowboys 
  2. I LOVE the Chicago Cubs
  3. I enjoy fishing, camping, and playing in mud
  4. I am a big fan of country music
  5. I am obsessed with life. I love life and I love people.

Why should you book with VRP? It's a once in a lifetime experience! You leave feeling amazing and beautiful. No other photographer can do what Rosey does. Plain and simple.

My Testimonial: I started off being so nervous but Rosey helped me through it. By the end I felt liberated and was ready to do it again. I always feel comfortable in front of her camera. She makes me feel and believe I am beautiful.

My 2017-2018 Album

Click on each photo to bring up the full high-resolution image and take a peek at some of the work I've done so far in the 2017-2018 Spokesmodel Season!

Want to book a session of your own with VRP? There are a few ways to do so! Here are some options:

1 - Join us in our Facebook VIP group. That's where you'll find exclusive casting calls that aren't open to anyone outside of the group! You can request access to join HERE <-- click.

2 - Contact me directly to see if I still have vouchers available! In our VIP Spokesmodel Kit, we received some vouchers for 1/2 off sessions as well as full complimentary sessions! Send me a message and I'll let you know if anything is still available.

3 - Fill out the form below to send a message directly to the VRP Team about what type of session you have in mind! You can take a look at VRP's work by clicking on the menu "Book Your Dream Session" and then preview what you're interested in! If you book directly through me, you'll receive a 15% Discount on Luxe sessions and a 5% Discount on Lite, Sale, Minis, Marathons and Styled Shoot sessions!