My name is Jessica Bell, I'm 20 years old, and I'm currently a self taught freelance hair and makeup artist. I specialize in weddings and formal events like prom! I'm planning on going to cosmetology school next fall to get my license so I can work in a shop. I am the youngest of three and I have 5 nephews and 3 nieces. I stay busy by spending time with my friends and family, painting& crafting, and practicing different looks with my makeup. I love to shop, to be anywhere near the water, and to play with my dog coco. And my favorite color is purple.

I learned about VRP through seeing other women in my area have such great and fulfilling experiences with Rosey, and seeing how amazing every photoshoot turns out. One of the main reasons I wanted to be a spokesmodel was to help promote VRPs message of unconditional self love and acceptance. Here at VRP we believe every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel like a superstar.

Fun facts about me: 

  1. In high school I competed in public speaking competitions, went all the way to states, and placed 3rd. 
  2. Before realizing my passion for hair and makeup, I attended Christopher Newport University for a semester. 
  3. For the past two years I've worked as a sales rep for Verizon Wireless. 
  4. I really love to sing and I wish I got the opportunity to do it more.
  5. I love dogs SO MUCH, small ones, big ones, and every type in between.

Why should you book with VRP? If they want a truly unique and special photoshoot experience I would strongly encourage booking with VRP. Any idea you come up with Rosey can pull off better than you could even imagine. You never have to worry about being uncomfortable in front of the camera, Rosey is the BEST as easing a nervous mind and making you feel like a model. And the photos are ALWAYS on point!!

My Testimonial: Being photographed by VRP is like nothing I've ever experienced before. Theres been occasions where I go into a shoot SO nervous and unsure of myself. But as soon as I get in front of the camera Rosey helps all my insecurities disappear. I've always felt so encouraged, empowered, and beautiful during my photoshoots with VRP. And when I get the pictures in the end, they're always better than I could've even imagined, and leave me saying WOW.

My 2017-2018 Album

Click on each photo to bring up the full high-resolution image and take a peek at some of the work I've done so far in the 2017-2018 Spokesmodel Season!

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2 - Contact me directly to see if I still have vouchers available! In our VIP Spokesmodel Kit, we received some vouchers for 1/2 off sessions as well as full complimentary sessions! Send me a message and I'll let you know if anything is still available.

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