Internships Available

Here at VRP, we are constantly growing and meeting new heights! We are currently staffing for a few Internships that are available within our company! Here are a few Internships we have available:

  • Fashion Internship // Personal Stylist for Sessions

We are looking for fashion stylists, seamstresses and more to take Internship positions within VRP to help assist with creating and/or putting together looks for our client's portrait sessions. 

  • Entry-Level Makeup Artists // Entry-Level Special FX Makeup Artists

We are looking for Entry-Level makeup artists and special fx makeup artists who are looking for experience with makeup to assist with photo sessions and styled shoots.

  • Entry-Level Hair Stylists

We are looking for Entry-Level hair stylists who are looking for experience with hair styling to assist with photo sessions and styled shoots.

  • Studio Coordinator Internship

We are looking for 1-2 candidates for this position to work directly with clients in scheduling their portrait session. Candidates will work directly with Rosey one-on-one to coordinate the business and keep things in order. At least 1 year of customer service experience is preferable. Must have access to a laptop or home computer or a phone that is capable of running several Apps for VRP business.

  • Photography Internship

We are looking to train 1 additional photographer to eventually come on as a paid commissioned photographer in the coming year. Must have at least 1 year of experience in photography (minimum).

  • Magazine Director Internship

We are looking for a candidate who will handle organizing, scheduling and mailing out customer orders of She's So Glamorous Magazine. Will eventually be trained to Edit the magazine. This position will transfer into a paid position if the candidate displays great work ethic and is the right fit for SSG and VRP. Must have access to a laptop or home computer.

  • Session Coordinator + Decorator

We are looking for 1-3 candidates who have an eye for detail, decorating and event planning! Candidates will be responsible for running to get items needed for styled shoots from stores or pick-up locations, decorating and setting up at styled shoots as well as some DIY crafts assigned. 

All Internships Require:

  • Reliable Transportation
  • Candidates must not currently be under any other Internship Agreements or Contracts.
  • Available a MINIMUM of 3 hours per week. Some Internship positions will require more availability.
  • Willingness to LEARN.

All Internships are unpaid positions but all positions have the chance of being promoted to a paid position within VRP if candidates are the right fit! 

What You'll Receive from an Internship with Vision of Rose Photo:

  • Knowledge in Business
  • Knowledge in the position acquired via Internship
  • Chance to work in a position that could potentially turn into a paying position within a fast-growing company
  • All Interns will be educated in business practices as well as within the area of which they have chosen to Intern. Education will come in the form of mentoring directly via  hands-on learning.

To express your interest in an Internship with VRP, please fill out the form below:

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