Family Portraits - How to Prepare

Family Portraits : How to Prep

Hello! We are so excited for your family portrait session coming up with us! Below, you will find our online "How to Prep" magazine! It will go over everything you need to know on how to prepare for your portraits! Inside, you'll find wardrobe examples as well. When you have looked it over, put together your family's wardrobe selection, snap a photo and email it to us at: so that we can pick the location for your portraits! 

Wardrobe is one of the most important parts of your family's portrait session! It will either make or break the overall look for your images. If you are still stuck on what to wear after viewing our magazine, please feel free to email us and someone from our styling team will get back with you! We are here to help you every step of the way!

So that Rosey can get a feel for your family and the type of images she'd like to capture for you, please fill out the form below! Thank you!

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Vision of Rose Photography is not to be held reliable for portrait opportunities missed due to the Client(s), children, pets or acts of nature (such as weather conditions) that interfere with portrait session. The Client(s) agree to cooperate with Rosemary Slocum and understands that any poses requested by the Client(s) may be denied by the photographer with the understanding that it is the photographer’s job to capture the Client(s) in the most natural and flattering way. Rosemary Slocum will determine which poses are suitable for said Client(s) body type based on her experience with photographing Client(s)s of this type. It is up to the Client(s) to speak out during the portrait session while the session is underway if Client(s) is/are unhappy, uncomfortable or unsure about suggested poses, props, locations, weather conditions, styling, wardrobe, hair styling, makeup application, and any other areas in which the Client(s) are dissatisfied. If Client(s) do not speak out against any of the above mentioned or unmentioned areas during a portrait session that he/she/they are dissatisfied with, it is then agreed upon that the Client(s) are satisfied with the portrait session and all aspects in which have concluded. Rosemary Slocum is not responsible for anything in which the Client(s) fails to bring forth at the time of the session. The Client(s) agree(s) to this by singing this contract. *
If pets are included in the portrait session with the Client(s) it is the Client(s) responsibility to approve this with the venue prior to the portrait session. The Client(s) also agree to keep the pet under control with proper techniques. This includes making the pet feel comfortable with the environment, cleaning up after the pet, keeping the pet properly hydrated and fed during the session. For large pets, please bring a leash to keep the pet tethered during photographs taken that do not include the pet. Should the pet become uncomfortable, hard to control or aggressive in any way, or if Rosemary Slocum has a fear and/or allergy to the pet(s), Rosemary Slocum reserves the right to ask the Client(s) to remove the pet(s) from the setting and shooting area so that the portrait session may continue. The Client(s) agree(s) to this by singing this contract. *
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For sessions that are awarded via contests, giveaways, vouchers or gift cards, "re-shoots" will not be offered under any circumstances. No exceptions. *
VRP operates under a "30% Rain Policy". What this means is if there is a 30% or more chance for rain the day of your scheduled portrait session, a reschedule will be placed. There are no exceptions. A reschedule email would be sent out either the night before scheduled portraits OR the morning of. Missed emails are not Vision of Rose Photo's responsibility. *
At Vision of Rose Photo, we value our client's precious time and ask that the same courtesy is given to us. Client(s) arriving more than ten (10) minutes late to a scheduled portrait session will be billed a $75.00 convenience fee and will be moved to a new portrait date. No exceptions. *
All fees and monies paid to Vision of Rose Photo are non-refundable & non-transferable for any reason. Vision of Rose Photo will make every effort to ensure Client's needs are met. No Call / No Show appointments will incur a $75.00 convenience fee and it is up to Vision of Rose Photo's discretion if a reschedule date will be honored based on the circumstances at hand. No exceptions. *