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Hello! Thank you so much for contacting Vision of Rose Photo. Below, you will find our form to request specific items. Please understand that I may not always have everything requested on hand, but I will do my best to meet the needs at hand. I believe dearly in helping the very community that built my business which is why I wanted to learn how to coupon and score deals. Not only does this help my family save money throughout the year, but I get to build a stockpile to help those who helped build my business. It's a win-win!

I just want to start by saying this to you - please do not feel embarrassed or ashamed that you have reached out to me for help. In no way will you be judged, looked down upon or talked about. Let me tell you a little bit of my story and why this means so much to me.

In 2012, my husband and I had just moved back from Arizona to Virginia. We were both jobless and parents of an almost 2 year old and a newborn. By the grace of God, my husband found work and I was able to be a stay at home mom with our little ones. He was making a decent amount and we thought we were completely solid as a family. Suddenly, without notice, in September 2012, my husband was laid off and again, we were left without anything. If it were not for family pitching in to help us, we would have never made it through.

In December 2012, I photographed a senior because she "heard from a friend" that I was a photographer. At the time, I was only photographing family and friends just to make an extra $20 - $30 here and there. I was going to turn the job down because I did not feel I was good enough and I explained to her that I wasn't a "professional photographer". She was ok with this, set an asking price and we struck a deal. From there, God had His hands on my business and it grew to what it is today. My husband was able to be a stay at home dad until June 2014, when he accepted the job he is at still to this day. God has blessed us tremendously and it is only right that we continue to push the blessings forward that we were given.

I know what it is like to borrow $20 from family without knowing when it can be paid back. I know what it is like to have to use paper towels and toilet paper as pads until pay day came around because I simply did not have the funds to purchase any feminine care products. I know what it is like spending our last few dollars on a pack of diapers and I definitely know what it's like to go without shampoo, conditioner, razors and many other daily essentials many of us take for granted.

Because of this, I want to help you and there is a stipulation involved. There's only two things I ask. 1. Please do not give me the glory or think that I am a hero. I promise you, I am not. I am simply doing what God has called me to do. Give Him the glory and sing the praise in His Almighty name! And 2. Pay it forward. When (not if!) but WHEN your situation turns around and you are in a position to bless someone else, do it. I promise you, the reward of knowing you are doing God's work is much greater than anything you could ever imagine. Remember this, it is not what we give when we have much - but when we have little!! 

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