Cheely Family


  • Look through each sheet. Each sheet is numbered: Sheet 1 - Sheet 17. Click on each individual sheet to view the images and assigned image number.

  • Write down your favorite images by the image number. Example VRP_6000

  • Decide which numbers and sizes of print you wish to order. Our print sizes & pricing is as follows:

    • 4X6 PRINT - $3.50 each; $2.50 each if ordering more than 10

      5X7 PRINT - $5.00 each; $4.00 each if ordering more than 5

      8X10 PRINT - $10.00 each; $9.00 each if ordering more than 3

      8X12 PRINT - $15.00 each; $14.00 each if ordering more than 2

      10X13 PRINT - $22.00 each

      11X14 PRINT - $28.00 each

      16X20 PRINT - $40.00 each

      20X30 PRINT - $65.00 each

      5X7 SPIRAL-BOUND LOOK BOOK - $75.00 each

  • Click on the order form below and tell us what you’d like to order.

  • We’ll tally up your order including a $3.50 shipping fee and send you to your custom check out page where you’ll be able to pay use your credit to purchase your images and pay any additional fees if you have ordered over your credit amount.

All print orders take 7-10 business days to ship and will come directly to us. We will give your prints a quality check to ensure all images are cropped properly and at VRP Professional Standard. Once images have been quality checked, they will be repackaged and next-business-day mailed directly to you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: