Boudoir Promo

Hello Beautiful!

Thank you so much for booking our Boudoir Promo! My name is Rosey and I’m the owner of Vision of Rose Photo. I am so excited to work with you and if we haven’t met, I look forward to doing so! Below, you will find some information and a form for you to fill out. Please take a moment to fill it out and send it back as quickly as possible. Be open, honest and up front with your answers, as these are what will help us plan the perfect session for you. Once I receive your form, I will email you with some available dates of the month you have requested.

Finding Your Comfort Level

Below, you will find our designated comfort levels for boudoir as well as examples of wardrobe that would fit in each. Think about what you would be comfortable with and let us know your preferred comfort level. This will be what determines how we capture your session.

GIRL NEXT DOOR // A little bit sexy and shy mixed all in to one. Think long t-shirts, oversized sweaters, football jerseys, etc. Posing for this style of boudoir will be very classy, conservative and not very revealing. There will be cheeky bottom shots, cleavage and shoulders out.

THE SEXY CONSERVATIVE // This is for the woman who wants to feel a little extra sexy during her session, while still staying a bit conservative and covered. Posing for this style of boudoir will be conservative, yet sexy. There will be shots taken of your curves, cleavage, cheeky bottom shots as well as some sensual photos which would be instructed such as “run your hand across your shoulder, down your collarbone and down your side”, etc.

THE BOUDOIR DIVA // This is for the woman who is a little more daring but not quite enough to show evvvverything. Posing for this style of boudoir will be very daring, sexy and fun. The posing style for this is very confident, dominating and empowering. Lots of body curves, body-line shots, cleavage, cheeky bottoms, instructed sensual photos, etc. This one is fun when including props!

RISQUE MISSES // This is for the woman who is wanting to step WAY out of her comfort zone and is open to any and everything when it comes to wardrobe, artistic nudes and sexy posing. Some may include topless or implied nudity. This one includes a little bit of everything mentioned above!!

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Keep in mind, session will take place on a Friday evening during sunset hours. If we run out of Fridays, we will reach out for you to select another week day during sunset hours.
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I understand that I am required to provide my own wardrobe, hair and makeup. *
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