Boudoir Marathon VRP

Boudoir Marathon


Please take a moment to fill out questionnaire at the bottom if your sizing has changed since September!

ARRIVAL TIME // 6PM for everyone


GUESTS // Guests are NOT allowed at the shoot. Only participating models and VRP's team will be allowed. This is to respect the privacy of all participating women.

PHOTOGRAPHY // Photography of any kind unless done by participating photographers is not allowed. This includes cell phone shots, selfies or any other type of photography until the shoot concludes.

LOCATION // 3502 River Road Hopewell VA 23860 (Crystal Lake Park) -PLEASE NOTE- This IS a public location. If you would prefer a private shoot that is not public, you may set up a date privately by emailing us at and my team and I will set you up for a private date at a private location.

WARDROBE // Wardrobe will be given to each of you as you arrive. All models are responsible for getting dressed immediately following makeup application. Remember to wear a button up or loose-neck shirt when you get your hair done as well as to the shoot to ensure hair and makeup are not disturbed when getting dressed. All models are responsible for providing their own under garments (bra and panties), shoes and props. If you wish to provide your own lingerie for the shoot, you may do so. We are putting an example below of the wardrobe we will provide. Typically for boudoir, we provide items such as: night gowns, slips, large sweaters, mini dresses / skirts. If you wish to go with more of a risque style boudoir with a teddy, body suit or exotic lingerie you will need to provide these. For hygiene purposes, we cannot. If you are planning to bring your own wardrobe, please note this on the questionnaire below.

MAKEUP // Each model should arrive with foundation already applied. This will help us move quickly through makeup so that everyone isn't having to wait long periods of time for everyone else to be done. If you wish to wear false lashes, you will need to bring these with you for application. All models need to bring their own mascara and eye liner as well.

HAIR // All models will receive hair styling once you arrive, however, all hair needs to be curled prior to arriving. Hair will be styled further from there.

TARDINESS POLICY // Time is crucial to making this marathon a success so make sure you arrive on time to the shoot location. Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be allowed in the shoot and a refund will not be given. Fees are to cover makeup, wardrobe and refreshments.

INCLUDED IN PURCHASE // Each participating model will receive:

  • Professional Makeup + Light Hair Styling
  • Wardrobe to wear
  • Refreshments
  • All images uploaded into online album with printing rights. 10-15 images is the bare minimum you will receive. Amount of images will depend on how quickly we transition through poses and how well each model does in front of the camera. Some models may require a bit more time with posing and that's OK! We're here to help you look your absolute best!!! 

RAIN POLICY // VRP has a "40% Chance Rain Policy" which means if there is a call for rain that is higher than a 40% chance, the shoot will be postponed to a different date. Should this happen, all models will receive an email update informing you of the change the night before our marathon. There are no refunds given for this; as stated, all funds are used towards refreshments, makeup, location reservation and wardrobe, HOWEVER, a new date will be given for participation.

TURNAROUND TIME // Turnaround time for images is 3 weeks (21 business days)! Business days for VRP run Monday through Friday only. This is when your online album will be delivered to you via email. If you purchase the album upgrade to a printed version, this will be mailed 5-7 business days AFTER the release of your online album.

NAILS, SHOES, undergarments, PROPS & HAIR

NAIL POLISH // All models should have their nails painted in the following colors to match wardrobe: Red, Burgundy, Gold, Silver, French Manicure, White, Cream, Tan or Black. Finger nails and toe nails should match. 

BOTTOMS // Below are examples of the colors + styles undergarments should be. If you have ANY questions or wish to have your undergarments approved, you can send a photo to to make sure you have the right color & style. We suggest wearing bras that are light in material, do not bulge out and that have removable straps just in case your wardrobe requires it. Some visual ideas are below! 


SHOES // Shoes are not required but are suggested! All wardrobe provided will match the following colors of shoes. If you wish to bring your own, please ensure they match the same styles and colors below.



PROPS // Props can be used to bring your shoot to life. These help set the tone and mood for your images. For a look at what we suggest to bring, see below. Props are optional. We suggest things such as coffee mugs, fresh flowers, riding crops, fishnet thigh-highs, etc.  


How to Prepare


  • Wax, bleach and/or shave any unwanted hair. This includes facial, arms, legs and private areas.
  • Make a hair appointment if you wish to get your hair done before the shoot. (Do not try any new hair cuts that you may regret during your portrait session.)
  • Get your hair and/or roots touched up if needed.
  • Make an appointment for a pedicure if your feet have visible dry skin and/or cracked skin.



  • Pluck away any hairs that may have grown back in.
  • Give legs one final shave-over. Moisturize VERY well after.
  • Begin moisture regimen on skin. Full body.



  • Get PLENTY of rest! Any lack of sleep will show up in your portraits.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Remember to not eat ANYTHING that may make you feel gassy or bloated for your portraits.
  • If your cycle has started, please reschedule your session for another date.



  • Wash and moisturize face. Apply foundation evenly across skin.
  • Moisturize ENTIRE body and bring additional lotion with you to session.
  • Paint finger and toe nails the same color.
  • Remove any and all jewelry to leave at home that does not match the theme of your session. VRP is not responsible for lost or stolen pieces you have brought with you.

WARDROBE VRP PROVIDES // Below is an example of the type of wardrobe we provide for boudoir sessions. As stated above, if you wish to wear something other than the styles pictured, you are welcome to provide your own wardrobe. Please note this on your form below!

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