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Zophie's Birthday | Personal

I cannot believe my sweet girl is already 5 years old! Goodness, where did time go? Her birthday party was held on Sunday, the 6th from 1pm - 2pm and boy did we have a blast! I let her choose her theme and of course, it was Frozen! We tried to nail every detail she asked for. Not just because she requested it, but because this is a big milestone... FIVE YEARS OLD. She's looked forward to the big 5 for a while. Now she says to everyone "I'm not a baby anymore. I'm big. I'm 5."

On her actual birthday, March 8th, we took her shopping to spend the money she received from family and friends. We took her to the local mall where she spent some of her cash on jewelry, hair bows, a new wallet, a masquerade mask, a skull mask for Bub, and a few other girly accessories; of course we had to stop for some photos with the Easter Bunny. We closed out our mall visit with some lunch and a carousel ride. After coming home for a quick nap, she and I went out to dinner for our mommy-daughter birthday date together. We went out to Piggly's because I was 100% sure she would love their cheesy fries. Which, she did!

We spent our time together at dinner laughing, singing, dancing, enjoying delicious food and talking about different things. I absolutely love this sweet girl to pieces and spending time with her is definitely a favorite of mine.

Here are some photos from her special day! (If you want to check out our photos from her birthday, be sure to follow me over on INSTAGRAM)