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This is it. Today is the last day before going on maternity leave and it is so bittersweet! I'm looking forward to a very much needed break, but I have to admit - it has been so fun capturing memories while making some of my own with this pregnancy!

This little guy of mine has been growing away, week by week, as I've completed one of my busiest years since opening! I honestly did not realize quite how much we got done until I sat down and started to think about it. I went back through all of my completed sessions since finding out I was pregnant and counted each and every single one to arrive at the following totals...

Since March 2016, together, Zim Orion and I have:

  • Mentored 18 entrepreneurs either in person or online
  • Hosted 2 photography workshops
  • Hosted 22 online webinars
  • Co-Hosted 3 online webinars / conference calls

and we have photographed a total of:

  • 32 Stylized Shoots
  • 18 Boudoir Sessions
  • 4 Couples Sessions
  • 28 Fashion Sessions
  • 16 Glamour Sessions
  • 6 She's So Glamorous Shoots
  • 15 Pinup Sessions
  • 25 Family Sessions
  • 16 Branding Sessions
  • 10 Senior Portrait Sessions
  • 3 Weddings

Giving us a total of 173 sessions! Not to mention, the 374 different faces that stepped in front of my lens to make these memories!!!

Whew!! What a year! And all done while pregnant with our sweet Zim Orion. How fun it has been to share these memories with my clients as well as share my special moment with you all as well! We truly have been so very blessed this pregnancy by those of you who have been understanding on days when my body just couldn't handle anything other than water and relaxation. So many of you have showed up to sessions with ice cold water to help keep me hydrated, gifts for Zim, gifts for me, food! Oh my gosh.. I'm getting emotional just thinking about the kindness we have been shown. I am so blessed to have such caring people surrounding myself and my business. 

I return back from maternity leave on February 6th and cannot wait to dive in to all of the sessions that are already booked! If you're interested in working with me in the 2017 year, I would suggest booking as soon as possible, as dates are already starting to fill! Especially for styled shoots and boudoir! You can get an early peek at some of the styled shoots coming your way in 2017 here: www.visionofrosephoto.com/casting 

Lastly, so so so many of you have emailed me recently asking how you can get a gift to myself or Zim Orion and I just want to take a second to say thank you so much for everything! I can't even begin to put in to words what it has meant to me and to my family. If you wish to send a gift, we have a registry at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/registry/baby/3RM1EVPOXNIVS But truly, your well wishes and support are always welcomed as well!!