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Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Your Photog

Every year, I have amazing clients who always email me, text or call to ask me the age-old question of "What would you like for Christmas?" I have been tremendously blessed every year by amazing people who take the time to send Christmas cards, gift cards or well-thought-out gifts and so, I want to share with you some gift-giving ideas for you to get your favorite photographers out there!! And photogs, feel free to share this if you see some gifts on here you'd love to receive this year!

1 - Fingerless Gloves with Grips on the Palms // $15-$17

These are AH-MAZING but so under thought of. Many of us who are portrait photographers, photograph throughout the winter season and these gloves come in handy. (No pun intended) My personal favorite pair can be found HERE <--

2 - Lens Coffee Mug // $10-$15

Ok, I know it's cheesy, but really .. what photographer wouldn't want a coffee mug shaped like a lens!? These can be found HERE <--

3 - Coffee Shop Gift cards // Varies

I mean - these are self explanatory! I don't think I've met a photographer who doesn't love coffee! 

4 - Gas Station, Local Restaurant or Fast Food Gift cards // Varies

Many of the photographers I know (myself included) photograph weddings that require quite a bit of travel so a gas card gift card or food gift card comes in handy!

5 - Emily Ley Simplified Planner // $48-$58

These planners are amazing. I haven't purchased mine just yet for this coming year but definitely a wonderful investment and I am sure your photographer would be thrilled to have this little beauty under their tree this year! You can find them HERE <--

6 - Leather Camera Strap (Personalized) // $31-$76

These camera straps are THE ABSOLUTE BEST. They can even be personalized with your photographer's name, catchphrase or well, anything you'd like! They can be found HERE <--

7 - Fabric Lens Bags // $10-$12 each

These bags are perfect for keeping your photographer's lenses safe. There are a multitude of designs to choose from but this is my personal favorite!! They can be found HERE <--

Ultimately - whatever you get your photographer, I am sure they will be more than happy to be thought of this Christmas! In a creative field where we only work with clients sometimes once a year, it is very easy to sometimes feel forgotten or lost at the wayside so if you have a photographer out there that you love, these are definitely some great places to start! 

As always, feel free to share this blog or leave comments below for feedback!!