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"It's Only Words" | Vision of Rose Photo

Tonight, I hosted a highly emotional photo shoot. In fact, when I put it together, the intention was only to photograph women in their natural, beautiful state. However, God had other plans. This morning as I was heading to a meeting with a beautiful friend and member of the VRP team, I clearly felt in my heart that the project for tonight needed to be something much deeper. I felt that there were women that were going to come that needed to experience a deeper healing than what a simple photograph could capture if not done in the proper way.

I prayed and in prayer I received the question "What is the meanest, most hurtful thing you have ever said about yourself?" I thought on it and then had a vision after. I knew this was how I needed to photograph these women. In a powerful, raw state of emotion. In thought of what they say about themselves.

When the women started to arrive, I instructed each of them to visualize the most hurtful and mean thing they have ever said about themselves. They didn't have to repeat it or even let me know what it was, but they needed to think about it. I worked through each woman, photographing them in three states: emotion, healing and confidence. I cannot wait to share the rest of the images with you, but for tonight, I want to leave you with this thought.

So many times we say mean and hurtful things about ourselves and we give it no thought. We just keep going. As a photographer, I hear women put themselves down on a daily basis and whenever I interject, they always respond with "Oh, it's just about myself. I'm not hurting anyone." If you have ever said something bad about yourself or thought something bad and you think emotionally, it isn't doing you any harm... please take a minute to look at each of these portraits. Take a minute on each one to stare into each woman and child's eyes and then come back to me and tell me again that saying harmful things about yourself doesn't hurt anyone.

Healing needs to take place from the things you have said and starting here is a great place to begin. Please subscribe so you can keep up with the rest of this series... I promise you will love it.

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