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Mom Truths | BTS with Rosey

I've always been in the business of keeping it real with you all. So when I saw yesterday that a friend on my Facebook timeline was open and honest about some truths about herself as a parent, I felt relieved. In my head, I was shouting "I feel ya girlfriend!" because let's be honest, at some point or another, we've all been "THAT" mom who watches other parents, wishing that's how we were. 

I've always been the mom who looks on Pinterest and pins a bunch of ideas that I'll never do. Why? Because, that's just me! I love the IDEA of thinking I'll get around to them and honestly, some of them I do.. but most, pfft. They're just a whisper in the winds of "maybe tomorrow".

I've also been that mom who watches other moms successes as a parent and wishes I were that mom. It's so easy to put up a facade on social media of the perfect life, but I'm not that mom. I embrace mistakes and learn from them.. sometimes while repeating them a few hundred times. 

So what I want to do right now is, I want to break the mold of "perfect life" on social media. I want to be honest with you and let you in on some truths of what it's like to be THIS mom; me. 

- I don't always brush my daughter's hair. Some mornings, the fight just isn't in the works for us. Messy bun it is.

- My kids laugh whenever they hear someone fart or burp. And if they even THINK you farted... they'll call you out on it. Proudly.  Oh, we also don't say "toot" because well.. I'm not 1 so never in my history of words will I ever say "oh my goodness. You tooted." #next

- I get frustrated just like everyone else. My patience does seem never ending at times and I often ask myself how I do it.. but let's be real; some days just aren't your days.

- Leftovers are my saving grace. Some nights, I'll make extra food when cooking dinner, just so I can heat it up for dinner the next night.

- Oh and, carry out? Cue the harps! BEST. THING. EVER. Especially for a mom who is tired, drained and doesn't feel like giving anymore of herself to anyone else for the day!

- We hug. A lot! In fact, it's kind of like Oprah around here. YOU GET A HUG. AND YOU GET A HUG! EVERYONE GETS A HUG!! So chances are, my kids will randomly hug you or your kids. It's what they do. 

- The first time my kids said a swear word.. I laughed. I corrected it and they know better now, but the first time? I lost it.

- My kids will more than likely interrupt you when you're talking. Why? Because I don't tell them that they cannot interrupt me. Whatever they're saying is more important to me than hearing another adult complain to me about work and life. #sorrynotsorry

- My kids pick their own clothes and they always will. You want to wear fairy wings, cowgirl boots, tights, a dress, a pair of pants, a scarf as a belt and lipstick that covers your lips, chin, nose and cheeks... right on sister! Wear it proudly because trust me, this mom is looking at you with a heart full of love!

- I don't teach my kids what's for boys and what's for girls. Zayne wants a pink teddy bear with ballet shoes? Guess what he's getting. Standards are boring anyways.

- Dishes pile up. Laundry goes unfolded & put away even though it's clean. Messes stay on the counter overnight and sometimes until afternoon the next day. Life is too darn short to say "Hey, I can't cuddle and watch a movie with you right now. These dishes, though!"

- I'm guilty of putting cd's in the cd player upside down so they don't play in the car and I can use the excuse that they're broken. "Oh no honey! I know you wanted to hear Frozen for the 28361958318370913th time but... it won't play! See, I'm trying.." #uh

- I've gone to the store and looked down only to see I wore my panda slippers all day without changing in to real shoes. #rockedthemanyway

- My kids eat french fries, cheeseburgers, cookies and pizza. I encourage them to eat healthy and we do 60% of the time but we definitely cheat.

- I don't make my kids eat everything on their plate. As long as they make an effort to eat, we're good! I'll never be the parent that makes them sit at the table until their plate is clean. 

- I am the mom who watches cooking shows only to dream about things I wish I would take the time to cook.. only to go in the kitchen and re-heat last night's left overs. 

- I don't restrict my kids from things they watch or listen to as long as it's not too over the top. Horror movies? We got that! They love them. Why? #becauseZOMBIES

- My daughter will more than likely tell you she's going to punch you in the face. And my son? He may actually try it... in a joking manner, of course. They love play fighting and wrestling and recreating Jackie Chan movies. #mysonisaNINJA

- I don't hide my emotions from my kids. They've seen me cry, yell, get angry, get passionate, excited, happy, mellow, relaxed.. you name it, they've witnessed the emotion. Why? Because I never want them to feel that they have to hide their emotions from me. If you're mad, tell me. If you want to cry, I have a shoulder. If you are excited, yell it! 

- Oh, and speaking of yelling. I totally don't believe in "inside voices". You want to yell through the house with excitement? I'll join you. I can't ever think of a time when I was truly, genuinely excited and thought "darn. I can't celebrate. I have to use my inside voice." Nope. Not this mom. If I'm excited, I'll celebrate until it echoes. 

- Monkey see, monkey do. I totally am not the mom who gets mad at the kids for copying things they've witnessed me or their dad doing. #settingexamples 

- I definitely do not make my bed. In fact, since we've had kids.. it probably has been made 5-6 times.

- When you come to visit, my house will look clean. But for the love of all things great.. do NOT open the cabinets or go into the room that has the door closed. I promise you, that's where all of the junk is hidden and was probably put there within the 5 minutes before you arrived. 

- Some days are so rough, I hide in the bathroom using the excuse that I have an upset stomach just so I can surf on Facebook or Instagram without interruption. Even though the kids will continuously knock at the door until I exit.

- I never understood why women enjoyed a glass of wine some nights. Until my kids turned 3. #hellowine

- I love baking but truth is, I only pick the best looking cookies to Instagram. Guaranteed, the cookies that aren't photographed are burned.. to a crisp. 

- Oh, speaking of Instagram... nine times out of ten, I've pushed toys, messes and crumbs out of the way to get those beautiful shots you see on there. In fact, I can look at every photo I've done this for and tell you exactly what SHOULD have been visible in the shot. #probablylaundry

- I don't limit my kid's t.v. time and they can recite more movies to you better than they can a story book.

- And story time? lol... I am actually LITERALLY laughing out loud as I type this. My kids will not sit still for a book. They never have and probably never will. Zophie will ask you a million questions in between words and Zayne, he'll get excited over the pictures and not give one single ounce of care about ANYTHING that you're saying. 

- My kids sip my sweet tea, taste my coffee and take bites of my ice cream. If I have it, it's theirs. Even if it is close to bed time. 

- Those cute smiling photos of my kids that gets posted on Instagram... let me just show you how many it takes to get one that actually gets posted:

- Meltdowns? Let's just begin to look at those: in the grocery store, at the park, in the car, at a hotel, at the theater, every day around noon, when other kids have to go home from playing with them, bedtime, when bath time ends, before dinner as they yell how hungry they are but do not eat it because they're suddenly full after two bites, at the post office, in the garage, at the mall, in the restaurant, in the drive-thru, when we don't drive in the direction they want, when we pass the big water park on the freeway, when we pass McDonald's without stopping.. well, we may as well just sum it up to - PARENTS, do not be embarrassed when your child is throwing a fit in public. I feel ya! Been there, and still there. JLaw sums this up:

Honestly, my list could go on and on and on and on ... but, the point here is, I'm not the perfect mom. In fact, I'm sure there's at least one of you who is reading this list and cringing while grabbing your chest and whispering "My word!" ... well, kudos to you, momma! But the truth is, I'm happy being me. I'm in love with our imperfections and late night dance parties. I enjoy jumping in the bed and making appalling faces. This is our life and moms, if you're reading this and you're feeling relieved that someone else's life is just as imperfect as yours... raise your hand in the air and hold your flag high.


I encourage you to share your list of imperfections below! In fact, let's start a revolution online. Let's flood social media with #momtruths or dads, if you're feeling it, #dadtruths Life is short. In fact, it's TOO short. Why waste it living up to everyone else's standards. Be the best you for your kids and enjoy life.

Even if it means doing it without pants... like my 3 year old son.