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Lea's Celebration | Vision of Rose Photo

I worked with Lea's daughter, Franchesca, for a senior portrait session so you can imagine my excitement when Lea sent an email to book a session of her own a little over a year later! As I do with every client who books a couture portrait session, I sent Lea a questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire gives me an idea of how my clients have always dreamed of being photographed and what type of vision they have for their session.

After receiving her form back, I knew exactly what we were going to do. Lea's portrait session needed to be a celebration for her. A celebration of who she is, what she's accomplished, her beauty and her magnetic spirit.

I worked closely with my team to ensure every detail was absolutely perfect. From the styling of the props, down to the detailing in her gown. Lea mentioned in her questionnaire that she had never had the chance to wear a formal gown before, so I knew the dress needed to be something that would not only compliment her well, but make it a memorable experience! Once this was done, it was on to hair and makeup!

After booking Alicia for hair and makeup, the rest of the details came down to picking the perfect props to tie in to her shoot. I wanted unique props that reminded me of beauty, elegance and celebration. I recently purchased a felt rose banner from The Decor Room and knew this was a perfect start to build the rest of the shoot. I paired the banner with a red rose topiary. Red roses are a romantic touch and tap in to reminding Lea to love herself first! Next, an antique golden clock; to remind her to take some time for herself once in a while to celebrate who she is. A "Hello Gorgeous" picture frame to remind her that she's absolutely beautiful from the inside, out! A golden glitter pumpkin to remind her of her "Cinderella" moment that day. Lea expressed that she had never experienced someone doing her hair and makeup for her, so I wanted to remind her of what that moment felt like! And last, some white sequined glitter to celebrate herself with! 

I wanted Lea to not only feel like royalty for the day but to be reminded of the simple fact that she is absolutely beautiful with or without all of the extras put in to her shoot. I wanted her to experience a deeper love for herself, for her features, and for who she is as a woman.

I wanted her to find joy in celebrating the creation she is!

If you would like to book a celebration couture portrait session for yourself or someone you know, I encourage you to do so. Remember, true love starts within yourself. <3 

Jewelry: ModVintique ; Petersburg VA
Felt Rose Banner: The Decor Room
Wardrobe Stylist: Tia Mason
Hair + Makeup Artist: Alicia Pitt
Location: Weston Manor ; Hopewell VA
Antique Clock Prop: The Oak Antique Mall ; Petersburg VA

XO, Rosey