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If you follow my Instagram or personal FB page, then you know that we have found a wonderful church home since moving to Arizona. This was one of our greatest hesitations when deciding to move; we were unsure if we'd find a church that felt like HOME to us. The more we searched, the harder it was to find our church. We visited so many websites, watched webcasts, read mission statements and we just weren't finding something that felt like home to us. Finally, I stepped out of the way and I said "God, you know our need. Find a church for us that is home." The next day, someone shared THIS VIDEO on their timeline. It showed up in my newsfeed and it was literally EXACTLY what both Zeryk and I needed to hear in that moment. I clicked the video link and I was led to Pastor Scot Anderson's page, where I saw that he was a Pastor at Living Word Bible Church. (Look at God!). I pulled up their website, read the mission statement and knew this was it. I linked the website to my dear friend, Christina, who's opinion means so much to me. I asked her to look over the mission statement and website, and let me know her thoughts. She too felt this was a great fit for Zeryk and I.

Since joining Living Word, my oh my, how much we have all grown as a family. The children LOVE our church... to the point of crying when it's time to leave. After joining, we quickly dove right in. Zeryk expressed his interest in volunteering with teens and I connected to Women of Destiny: Girlfriends on Purpose. Through attending this Wednesday brunch with some lovely women, I met Julianne who invited me to a new ministry coming to LWBC called "JesusChicks". On one Wednesday in particular, I met a lovely woman named Corin who little did I know, had a mission on her heart to ask me to join her small group for JesusChicks. Here's another little story of just how beautiful it is when God is at work: Corin had my face on her heart to join her group so she asked Julianne how to get in contact with me. Julianne explained to Corin that it would make it even more special if she were to invite me to her group, in person. However, Corin had an issue - she didn't know when she would see me again or when she'd be able to attend again on Wednesday so, she handed it to God. She asked God that if it was meant for me to be in her group, then He would put us in a place where our paths would meet. The following Saturday, we ran into one another in the restroom after date night service and the magic happened! The wonder of God never ceases to amaze me. You see what happens when we just let go of things and let God do what He does best? 

Our first and official meetup for JesusChicks took place last night and I was absolutely floored. From the welcoming greeters, to the absolutely breathtaking decor, to Julianne's heart for women, to the worship and the powerful word delivered by Pastor Holly Anderson.... it truly was such a remarkable night with a breakthrough for so many women to see exactly how we are painted in our Father God's heart. Pastor Holly Anderson walked us through how the bible is our love note from our Father God and showed us a beautiful way to rest in the arms of Him so that He can care for our every need. Julianne delivered a powerful prayer for forgiveness and showed us how to release forgiveness; how powerful it is when we just need to "want to want to". All it takes is one step on our part and our Father God loves us so much that He will do the rest. He puts in all of the work so that we do not have to.

I cannot even begin to explain the feelings that took over my heart, my spirit and my begin as I left our meetup. I have so much excitement for what's to come! Aside from meeting once a month as a whole group, our small groups titled JC8 will meet once a week for activities together. Our group has set up our meeting nights as Monday at 6:30p, where we can fellowship together, eat together, show love to one another and just be the support system that God has called us to be for one another.

Because in the words of Julianne, "Life is just better when we have a girlfriend we can call on. No woman should ever have to suffer in silence."

So I invite you! If you're ever in the Mesa area, please come by Living Word Bible Church or to one of our JesusChicks meetups. We would love to love you and show you just how wonderfully and beautifully you are made in our Father God's eyes.

Enjoy some photos from the evening and if you keep scrolling to the bottom, you'll find a recap video! Be sure to click each photo so you can see it in full!

*Be sure to watch in 720HD!