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Hello Beautiful

Jameelah's Branding Session | Vision of Rose Photography

Goodness. Where can I even start with this beautiful woman!? First of all, she's extremely talented as a makeup artist, but that's not even what I want to talk about tonight.

I met Jameelah when I was helping with a ministry and magazine. I photographed her for a Mother's Day feature and we instantly had a connection. As time went on, we began working with one another on several shoots. I have seen her work progress so much over this past year that I have known her, but it's not even just that. I consider her a sister. I absolutely love her more than words can match! She's humble, such a gentle soul, strong spirited and so so gifted! Not just in her talent but how she makes women feel. She reminds you that you're special, that God has a plan for you and that everything happens for a reason. If you could sum up God's grace in one woman - it would be her! I'm so very honored to call her a friend and you can just imagine the excitement I had building up to this session. 

Jameelah asked me to photograph her for her branding session to launch a brand new Jameelah for the world to see. I was so proud of her during this session because I could tell before we got started, she was a little flustered and a bit nervous. But, as time went on through the session, she opened up and I was able to capture that gorgeous, warm smile of hers! So, without further ado.. I present to you, Jameelah with Jameelah Scott Makeup Artistry!

MUA: Jameelah Scott Makeup Artistry | www.jsthemua.com | FB: JSTHEMUA
Wardrobe Styling: Shayla Courtney | www.shaylacourtney.com | FB: Shayla Courtney 
Hair: LaSatt Tillman-Mickens
Photographer: Rosey Slocum | www.visionofrosephoto.com | FB: Vision of Rose Photography