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Enchanted Forest | Vision of Rose Photo

Sunday's Enchanted Forest styled shoot was a dream! I have been waiting so patiently for this shoot and to have it finally come to life was a blessing in and of itself. Things came together so smoothly up until a few nights before the shoot and things began to crumble! Anyone who has followed my work for the past few years knows that I definitely am not new at putting together styled shoots. Typically, things go together with maybe one or two minor kinks in the plan, but this shoot? Whew. Let me tell you. Anything and everything that COULD have gone wrong... totally did.

Let's start with the beginning! A few nights before the shoot, I received an email from the beautiful mom who signed herself and her daughter up for the shoot and she was cancelling her reservation due to an illness she had been battling for a couple of days. With only a few days left before the shoot, I had a couple of mother & daughter duos in mind as her replacement and thankfully, the spot was booked the same night!

Fast forward to Saturday evening (YES! The night before the shoot) I opened my package of dresses to see that one of our model's wardrobe was sent in the wrong size. We're talking, children's size wrong! I was mortified. If it weren't for a gorgeous friend of mine stepping in to lend us a dress from her shop, we would have been without one of our beautiful models and her storyline in the styled shoot was powerful!

That same evening, I opened my email from the company I rented some props from who said that my shipment of props still was not received in-store and that they were unable to make our morning delivery!! WHAT! ... by this time, I'm on the verge of an all-inclusive meltdown. Mix it with the pregnancy emotions and whew... I needed several breathers! Again, a lovely friend came to the rescue and I was able to scrounge up some props from friends & family to borrow!

Now, we get to the day of! Are you exhausted just reading this far? Well.. you haven't seen nothin' yet! (but first, let me sip my coffee)

I had a session before the styled shoot with the gorgeous Mrs. Emjay, owner of Primped & Prepped, which was a blast! After her shot, my husband and I stopped for a quick lunch and then headed over to the location for the styled shoot. After taking an hour or so to set up for the shoot, I went inside to greet our beautiful participating photographers and grabbed my camera. I loaded my battery in, flipped the switch and nothing happened. Oh gosh.. that sinking feeling! 

I had a fellow photographer pop my batter into her camera to see if it was the battery and to my terror... it worked. The battery was fine but my camera wouldn't turn on! I narrowed it down to the fact that it had to be the battery grip so I removed it. Only to remember that the rest of my equipment is still packed and at home from our recent move from Arizona... oh boy. The camera will not cut on without the battery door trigger being latched! I'm doomed! A styled shoot that I've spent MONTHS planning was crumbling at my fingertips and there was nothing I could do about it.

But then.. I decided to improvise. I thought, "well.. there's a tiny latch inside there. I wonder if there's a way I can wedge it down (gently, of course, to ensure no damage) to make the camera come on?" I grabbed a small twig from the ground, wedged it gently into the latch and voila! It worked! The excitement that came over me in that very moment, I can still feel as I type this out.

My worst nightmare was that there was a serious issue with my camera. Did it fall while I was away from it and no one told me? Did someone step on or drop something on to my bag while I was setting up? Did it just stop working!? .. Every possible scenario came down to one simple answer... the battery grip. 

So friends! If you ever find yourself in this situation and you do not have your door with you and the battery grip fails, just remember, something small (but gentle!) to hold the battery latch down will definitely work! 

In the meantime, I've ordered a few extras just to be safe and the battery grip? Well, that sweet boy is being laid to rest and a new one is on the way. I do have to say, it gave me three years of dedicated service! 

Now after all that negative, y'all... let me drop some images from the shoot to brighten the mood! <3

Whew. This shoot was definitely one for the books and I'm so thankful for the amazing team of women, my rock - my husband, Zeryk who was there not only to support but who also worked his bum off setting up and tearing stuff down for me, the beautiful supportive photographers who were so understanding that we had to start a *little* later than planned, and the gorgeous models who rocked this session like no other!! Not to mention, the beautiful Divine9 ladies who jumped right in with prayer the minute I text them what all was happening. I have been so blessed to have the wonderful people surrounding me that I do! Because of each of them, this day went smoothly, even with all of the tough kinks that were in there. And hey! If nothing else, I learned that nothing.. not even equipment failure, will stop a determined photog! lol

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  • Pink + White Topiary: The Decor Room ( @the.decor.room - IG )
  • Enchanted Forest Design + Styling: Rosey Slocum with Vision of Rose Photography ( @visionofrosephoto - IG )
  • Jewelry, Props + Floral Crown: Nikki Welsh
  • MUA ( Joanna, Nicole + Ava ): Tara Welsh Duck
  • MUA ( Tonya ): Nikki Welsh
  • Antlers, Antique Tea Pot, Gold Pumpkin + Gold Vase: The Oak Antique Mall; Petersburg VA
  • Gold 3D Banner: Target
  • Venue: Unite Virginia Magazine ( https://www.facebook.com/uniteva )
  • Dresses: Ciao Bella Boutique ( Nicole ) + Maya ( Joanna )
  • Models: Joanna Wallace, Tonya Hawkins, Nicole Martin + Ava Martin
  • Set Up + Tear Down: Zeryk Slocum