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Hello Beautiful



Saturday was the official Brand Rep social to induct our brand new 2018-2019 reps into our VRP Tribe! What a beautiful, empowering and uplifting time it was. We enjoyed some delicious food including pulled bbq, dirty rice, brown sugar bacon wrapped smokies, tacos, buffalo chicken dip, chicken alfredo bread, pasta salad, sausage dip, banana pudding, cake, stained-glass sugar cookies, fruit + veggies, cheese + crackers, mexican dip with chips, ham sliders, potato salad, and I'm sure I'm forgetting what else - but oh my word, it was all so delicious!! The theme of the day was "She Needed a Hero" and all women were asked to dress up as a fictional female super hero, a real-life badass woman, create their own female super hero or come as someone who is a hero to them. 

The ladies showed up and proved that with imagination and innovation - anything is possible!! Here's what everyone came as: (I hope you'll take the time to look up each name you do not recognize and check out the amazing things these women have done!)

  • Me - Dickey Chapelle 
  • Mandy - Warrior Fiona
  • Kirsten - Jessica Jones
  • Trish - Louisa May Alcott
  • Jessica - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Fulton - Herself (Veteran) + a t-shirt to represent fallen heroes she personally knew
  • Tina - Herself ("become the fire")
  • Tiffany - Coco Chanel
  • Jessie - Herself (to show coming out of her shell)
  • Ashley - She Hulk
  • Nikki - Delta Diva (to represent her female veteran's sorority)
  • Brittany - Path Finder (created superhero to represent counselling; her passion + career)
  • Austin - Her Mom
  • Ashley E. - Nurse
  • Meagan - Marie Curie + Herself
  • Haley - Rosie the Riveter
  • Melissa - Queen Esther
  • Shannon - Pocahontas
  • Zeryk - Himself (contemplated Cat Woman lol)

After enjoying some delicious food, talking about the program and it was time for laughter, getting to know one another and exchanging gifts (thank you Austin + Ashley for the beautiful t-shirts, Tiffany + Jessie for the delicious treats & Mandy for the beautifully hand-lettered signs). 

This was just the start of what I feel will be one of the best seasons for our brand reps and I cannot wait to get to know each of these amazing ladies even more! I cannot wait until our next event together!

For now, please enjoy some behind the scenes coverage of our event by my amazing intern, the beautiful Ms. Fabri!! 

THANK YOU so much to Crista with the Appomattox Boat Harbor for such a beautiful space to host our event!! 

VENUE: Appomattox Boat Harbor (Club House) // http://www.appomattoxboatharbor.com/index.htm

PHOTOS: Fabri Claiborne // B.H.O.L.D. by Fabri