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Why Your Boudoir Photographer Matters | Vision of Rose Photo

One of the most common questions I am asked by not only clients & potential clients but up and coming photographers as well is if the photographer you choose really matters when it comes to having boudoir portraits taken. While this is something that you would probably think isn’t that big of a deal, it truly is when you’re choosing your photographer. Here’s why:

Boudoir photographers who specialize in boudoir or women’s portraiture will ensure you’re posed in a way that is flattering to your body type. We make sure the lighting is perfect as to not cast any shadows in any unwanted areas. We encourage and uplift you not only during your session but before and after as well. A photographer who specializes in boudoir will take the time to help you plan your wardrobe carefully as to ensure we are picking outfits that not only are flattering to your body type, your skin tone, your style but we also want to make sure the outfits you have picked will be flattering on camera as well. When considering your boudoir photographer, take a look at the photos they have done and ask yourself if that is a way in which you wish to be photographed. If they do not have any boudoir sessions in their portfolio that they can show you, look over their other portrait sessions. Look at the editing style, the lighting, the poses… does it look natural, does it flow well, are the clients posed in a manner in which is flattering or intrigues you to want to be photographed in that way? If you cannot answer yes to all of those for the photographer(s) you are considering, then keep searching until you find someone that blows you away!

I know, you’re probably thinking what is actually the next most common question… “What if I can’t afford the photographer I WANT?” Well, there are a few options here. You could easily give up and go to another photographer that fits your budget and take the risk of not being 100% satisfied with what you get (and yes, there’s always the chance that you could love them). Or, you can cut back on a few things that you could possibly do without such as Starbucks, eating out at restaurants, purchasing another purse, drinks with the ladies, etc. There are many ways that you could save up until you can afford the photographer that you have your heart set on, you just have to commit to doing so. Ask your photographer if they happen to have an installment plan or a payment plan! Many photographers do. Just make sure you are putting the investment where it matters. For instance, you wouldn’t pay almost full price for a knock-off version of a Michael Kors bag if you can just keep saving for a little longer and get the real deal. Look at your chosen photographer as this way. Sure, there are many up and coming photographers that are AMAZING at their work, but if your heart is not invested in them right from the very beginning, but you choose to settle with them, then guess what happens? You’re going to put a whole lot of expectation into that photographer, only to take the risk of being let down – because right from the beginning, you were not 100% satisfied with their work to begin with.

So what are some things you should look for when choosing your boudoir photographer? Here’s just a few pointers that I personally would look for not only as a photographer but as a client.

1. Have they ever shot boudoir before? (This is VERY important if you are new to boudoir! If this is your very first boudoir session, I would recommend going to someone who is seasoned in boudoir and knows exactly how to pose you!)

2. Are they familiar with posing many body types? (This is so very important for not only curvy women, but women with ALL body shapes! There are so many ways a woman can be posed that isn’t flattering to her body style. Take a look at their portfolio and see if you spot someone who has a close resemblance to your body type. Were they photographed in a flattering way? If not, chances are you will not be either.)

3. What type of boudoir do they shoot and is that what I want? (Do they shoot nude boudoir? Do they shoot sensual, insinuated boudoir? Is their boudoir style romantic and flowing? All of this is important when considering your boudoir photographer because if you do not feel comfortable posing nude, then you wouldn’t quite choose a photographer who does nude style boudoir. Or, if being romantic and girly isn’t your style, then you wouldn’t choose a romantic style boudoir photographer. There are many styles to consider when choosing your perfect photographer and many photographers can shoot whichever style you're wanting. But look through their portfolio to see how they captured the particular style you're looking for.)

4. Does your photographer advertise all of their boudoir sessions online? (Is this something you want to do? Check if your photographer allows for their boudoir sessions to remain private. Some photographers are all for privacy, but there are some who are not and will request for you to sign a model release during your session to give them the rights to use the images online and in their portfolio. At VRP, we always leave this option up to our clients. If you want it to remain private, then it stays private. The only sessions we ever post online or print in our portfolio are ones clients have approved.)

5. Is their editing style EXACTLY what you want? (If a photographer edits all of their photos to black and white, chances are yours would be black and white too. If this isn’t want you want, then don’t go with that photographer. Does the skin look fake or overly retouched in their images? Have the blurred the image too much? Are the skin tones off,  over or under saturated? All of this typically comes from how they edit their images. Make sure their editing style matches what you’re looking for.)


6. Is the photographer willing to help you choose your wardrobe and are they helping you out by telling you how to prepare for your session? (This is SO IMPORTANT! Wardrobe is everything and if your photographer isn’t aware of what outfits work best for your body type and the session you want, then keep searching! At VRP we not only offer what we call "Wardrobe Consultations" where we'll sit with you one-on-one to plan the wardrobe for your shoot, but we also offer to go shopping with you! Wardrobe is important in boudoir and we recognize that.)

7. Have they told you how to prepare for your shoot? (This is HUGE in boudoir especially. You have to know how to prepare for your shoot! When to shave, what areas to focus on, how to plan around your cycle, what to do with your hair and skin leading up to the shoot, etc. All of this will effect how your images turn out. If your photographer is not willing to help you prepare by giving you advice, then definitely keep looking! We always offer our clients an online "How to Prepare" magazine that goes into great detail in telling our clients how to prepare for their session, what to expect and much more. Our clients love it and we love providing the service for them.)

So there you have it! Hopefully you’ll walk away from this blog feeling more confident in who you choose as your boudoir photographer and truly, the same applies to all portrait sessions. You and your photographer have to have an understanding and connection from the very beginning and if you do not feel that with them, then keep searching! There are MILLIONS of photographers out there who can suit your needs and work with you along the way to make sure you’re walking away from your sessions feeling BEAUTIFUL!

If you have any questions or need advice about picking your boudoir photographer OR if you’re currently looking for one, shoot me an email to info@visionofrosephoto.com and I’ll be glad to help you out!! Whether you're booking a session with me or not, my passion is for women to feel beautiful and I'm always willing to help you achieve exactly that!

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