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The release of Abandoned Part II has me SO excited! In celebration, I'm sharing some exclusive never-before-seen photos from both Part I + Part II over on my INSTAGRAM

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Here's a little bit of what Abandoned is all about:

"Abandoned" takes place in a post apocalyptic world. Full of beasts, evil doers and people straight from your worst nightmare. It's up to the survivors to come together, fight to survive and restore humanity as it slowly backslides into oblivion until there is nothing left.

The government has failed and two leaders have stepped up to rebuild society. Our two leaders share the command and power over their structure. They found one another after wandering aimlessly after the government collapsed and the world went down. Together, they built a safe place to call home and rebuilt what they could by scavenging, watching and waiting for the perfect additions to be sent their way by wanderers.

Watching closely, the leaders would take note of the every move of the person they were scouting. If they felt they made the cut, they were given a role within the camp. If not, they were terminated and their belongings were scavenged. In their encampment, they've created a structural government of their own consisting of Raiders, Warriors and Psychos / War Boys & War Girls.

Raiders: Raiders are sent out to hunt, gather materials and fashion weapons, wardrobe and any items needed for the camp, Their preferred weapon choices are ranged, as they hide and camouflage into the shadows, sniping you before you even have a chance. You can spot a raider by their distinct hair style. They are required to have braiding in their hair in some form as well as very little to no face paint. Raiders typically wear dark brown, tan and white so they are easily spotted by warriors from a distance.





Warriors: Warriors are sent out first to clear the way. Using an elaborate array of homemade and makeshift weapons, they are out to do one job - kill or be killed. Their preferred weapon choices are melee, as they love the action up close and personal. Warriors are distinguished by their wild and crazy hair styles as well as elaborate face paint. Warriors wear primarily grey and black so they blend in the darkest of shadows to go undetected as they sneak in for battle.




Psycho / War Boys & War Girls: Psycho / War Boys & War Girls are sent into the deepest, darkest places that no one ever ventures to go into - not even warriors. They have no fear and take risks no others will! Their preferred weapon choices are well, whatever they can get their hands on. Their inventions are always out of the box and they're known to make a weapon out of anything, anywhere. They're quite handy, those boys & girls! Psychos and War Boys & War Girls fashion full body markings and paintings, closely shaved heads & insane hair styles, typically used as an intimidation tactic. Psycho / War Boys & War Girls are known to have very out of the box fashion. Picking up whatever they can and adding their own personal touches with spikes, chains, whips and other random objects, their fashion is definitely one of a kind.

Our Leaders, well, they don't just stand by and allow their followers to get all of the action. Heading the charge, our leaders step up and are not afraid to get a little dirty ... or bloody. Brought together from tragedy, they reign above all and are highly revered in their encampment. Mess with a leader, you'll have the whole pack after you before you know it. 

Outside of the encampment, there are Wastelanders, Outlanders and of course, the dreaded Flesh Eaters.

There are also Engineers & Mechanics who are lone-travelers.




Rebels: Rebels are against the new world government led by our leaders. They wander alone, fight in groups and try their hardest to build a safe haven for all others who do not want to conform to the new world. Rebels are known by their olive, camo and tan fashion. They scavenge for anything they can find to turn into clothing or weapons.







Outlanders: Outlanders are those who wander alone, hunt alone and stay alone. They trust no one. They kill for their own benefit and conform to no one. Outlanders are distinguished by their ragged attire. Because they are constantly on the move, they keep no baggage and only carry what they can fit into a knapsack. It isn't out of the ordinary to see them with whatever they can find to wear, no matter if it matches or not.






Flesh Eaters: Flesh Eaters are fast, terrifying and definitely not someone you would want to run in to at night. They have learned to become nocturnal creatures in their own right. Coming out at night and stealing people who have wandered off into the world alone, they find their next meal. Flesh Eaters have turned into cannibals during the apocalypse as their way of survival. Their motto? Eat or be eaten. Flesh Eaters have an insatiable desire for all things intimidating and scary. Known to wear black and red only, they're fast on their feet and carry plenty of knives to carry out a fast kill before being killed themselves.




Engineers + Mechanics: They are the creme of the crop. If your gun, shoes, weapons, armor or anything else for that matter needs fixed or traded, they're there! They tend to stick together but it isn't uncommon to see one or two traveling alone through the wasteland barren. Strike up a good enough deal and they may just let you walk away unharmed.







If you'd like to see more of Abandoned or if you'd like to order your copy of our books, you can check out our website HERE