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I have seen many of my friends, family members, clients and social media followers become excited about our move to Arizona and seeing what our life is like here. I decided I would ask on Facebook if a day in the life blog was something that everyone would be interested in and the response was a resounding "yes" across the board. So, here it is! Of course, today was a little more adventurous than a typically "day" is for our family. Today is Sunday, which our family has renamed "Funday" because it's typically the day we take to explore something new. We spend our weekends together now and I'm so blessed to have this time with them! Today's adventure brought us to Riparian Preserve At Water Ranch in Gilbert, AZ and we closed out with a visit to the Park of Canals, Botanical Garden and play park in Mesa. Of course, there was lots of fun to be had in between, before and after our adventures and I'm sharing them all... even the not so glamorous moments. Enjoy.

6:00AM - Wake up! I didn't have my alarm set this morning but my body has become used to waking up fairly early. The first thing I do? Step in to my warm fuzzy panda slippers. ahaha I can't resist them! They're just so darn cute... but they have totally seen better days.

6:05AM - I step into the kitchen to pick out what oils will be diffused for the morning. This morning, I chose OnGuard, Breathe and Lemon! 

6:10AM - I head to get a shower and carry out my typical morning routine of getting ready.

7:00AM - I'm dressed and ready for the day. The next thing I do is check the notifications on my phone to make sure I didn't miss any calls, texts or important emails. I save the social media notifications for later! My routine flip-flops between starting up a pot of coffee or grabbing some fresh ice cold water with lemon slices. This morning, I chose the lemon water.

7:10AM - I open the blinds to the back door to let some beautiful morning light in, and I clean up from the night before. Typically, I would do this before we all go to bed for the night but last night was spent as a family cuddled up on the couches with blankets, snacks and movies. Who would want to disturb those moments with "let's clean"?? Not this momma! 

7:15AM - I spray and wipe down all of the surfaces every morning. This includes the tables, light switches, door knobs, counter tops, sinks... basically any surface the littles will touch or touched the day before. Gotta make sure we keep any yuckiness at a bare minimum and I get to do that naturally with my homemade cleaner. Made from doTERRA OnGuard, water and Lemon Oil! Smells good, leaves all surfaces clean and germ free.. and the best part? It's so safe you could literally drink it. 

7:26AM - Me time. This is the time I'll take any where from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to just relax and be me. This time is spent with a lit candle, my bible and my journal. Just me, my thoughts and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Every morning must start this way for me or my whole day is off balance. Whether my time is spent in the car ride to take Zeryk to work or at home.. it has to be done for me.

8:21AM - The first little voice calls out "morning mommy" from the hallway as she heads to the bathroom. My sweet Zoph is awake.

8:30AM - Zoph emerges from the bathroom dressed and ready for her morning as my little guy makes his way from his room.

8:33AM - We're invited to breakfast with Papa! Time to wake up the rest of the home! 

8:58AM - Everyone's dressed and we're finally heading out of the door.

Ok, really.. with a view like this.. who could ever get bored here?? This beautiful mountain (and many others) surround our beautiful home!


10:05AM - With tummies full (and faces), it's time to head home and figure out the plans for the day!

10:12AM - HOME! Playtime for everyone else while I map out our plans for the day and figure out what adventures we'll get in to for our Funday!

10:52AM - PLANS ARE SET! I've mapped out our plan for the day. But first! Time to finally put away our holiday decorations.

11:15AM - Bookbag is packed with lots of water and snacks and my boots are laced! Time to head out for the day!!

^ ahaha.. I have no idea what they're all doing. lol Love candid moments.

11:56AM - We arrive at our first destination!!! Riparian Preserve At Water Ranch! Oh my word. It was so beautiful here. We walked trails, saw beautiful birds and a pretty mangy rat (lol). We fed the ducks and explored new sights. It was truly one of my favorite places I've been in Arizona so far! I can't wait to go back in the spring to see it in full bloom. (some of the images are in gallery format. Click on them to see them in full!)

1:27PM - We arrive at our second destination: Park of Canals which has a beautiful Botanical Garden and a play area for children. The kids LOVED this place! There's a cute area to host parties or gatherings complete with restroom access and a grill to cook ok! I definitely got some ideas for playdates and gatherings ... once we meet some people, of course! lol

3:22PM - We arrive at home for the evening and the guys set out for a hiking walk through the desert as the kiddos and I enjoy some yummy left-over goodness from Cold Stone Creamery! Time to kick off the boots, open up the doors to let some fresh warm air in and enjoy time with my littles!

5:10PM - Sitting down for a bit to catch "Cupcake Wars: Junior Edition" on the FoodNetwork before heating up some IHOP leftovers for the babies for dinner tonight. For Zayne: the rest of his funnyface pancakes and for Zoph: the rest of her Jr. Ham Egg & Cheese Sandwich with hashbrowns. After dinner, the kiddos and I snuggle up and watch SpongeBob SquarePants... our new nightly routine before baths & bed.

7:15PM - Time to create this blog and schedule it for posting! ;) How I love the pre-blog feature! 

7:32PM - The blog is finally done and it's now bath and bedtime for our home. Everyone will be bathed and ready for bed by 8:30PM and the littles will enjoy a movie, just as they always do, before falling fast asleep. I'll awake at 12AM to take Zeryk to work and tomorrow will be packed with dr's appointments, dentist appointments, grocery shopping and a stop by the high school for my nephew, Vernon. 

If you enjoy these type of blogs, comment below and I'll make them more often! Once business really starts to pick up, I'll have more to show you on the business side.. but for now, I'm enjoying these days with my family.