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2015 Outtakes | Vision of Rose Photography

As I was archiving my files from 2015 and moving them from my computer to an external drive, I found my "Outtakes" folder. This is a folder I typically keep for images that I'm not quite sure how I want to edit or if I want to keep them. Photographers go through a process called "culling" which is when we upload all of the photos from a portrait session and then we go through and delete the ones that didn't turn out or that we're just not pleased with. Every so often, I come across an image that I love but I have a different vision for. This could be one that I just can't quite bring myself to delete or one that I want to edit different than the rest of the session.

Many photographers, including myself, try to keep a theme going with our edits that matches our brand. So, when we have an idea to edit completely away from our style, (at least for me), it's something I'll have to do on the side in my free time. However, when shooting in a busy year, it's hard to always find time to go back and play around with the files.

This week, I found the time to do just that! Here are just a few of the files I had a chance to edit! Be sure to click on each one to see it in full view!