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Sunday Lunch + Learn Sessions

THEY'RE BACK! I'm so excited, friends! Last year, I hosted a series of Lunch + Learn sessions for entrepreneurs and they were a huge hit. This year, we're bringing them back but this time, we're focusing specifically on entrepreneurs in the creative field! So, photographers, cinematographers, bloggers, writers, stylists, makeup artists, and everything in between, this is for YOU! September, October, November + December have 1 Sunday set aside, each, for our Lunch + Learn sessions and I'm seriously so stoked for them. And when I say stoked, I mean "I dropped the price down to $20.00 each for them" stoked! I'm not even kidding. I wanted to keep them affordable AND give back to the community that has helped me grow so much!! 

So grab your coffee & take a look to see if any or all of the sessions are something you can benefit from! Oh, and did I mention the best part? If you're unable to make it in person, we're going to have a live hangout on Google that you can tune in, chime in to answer questions and if you're unable to watch live, you'll get to have the replay! Seriously awesome, right? Gotta love technology!! Ok, so, let's take a look at what each month will cover:


Sunday, September 20th - 11am to 1pm, we are going to cover SEO + Marketing via websites, blog & social media. Here's the outline:

  • Setting up and using SEO correctly on your website
  • Tagging, Hashtagging and Personal Tagging - Why it matters.
  • Setting Up A Marketing Strategy + Schedule that WORKS
  • Marketing + Promoting via Facebook, Instagram & Periscope
  • Building a Strong Emailing List to Market To


Sunday, October 4th - 11am to 1pm, we are going to cover The Business Side of A Creative. This is the one we tend to ignore as long as possible! We'll cover the following:

  • How to Determine Your Pricing
  • Contracts + Releases: Cover Your Behind!
  • Budgeting + Building A Strong Inventory
  • Taxes, Pay + Investments: Are You Doing It Right?
  • Workflow Charts + Staying Focused


Sunday, November 15th - 11am to 1pm, 2 days before my BIRTHDAY! We're going to have some F.U.N FUN! at this session! Having staple pieces you can use in your sessions is important when planning on a budget while wanting to make a statement. For this one, I'll have 2 stations set up that you can choose from! Materials are included in your price & you'll get to take your creation home with you! We'll have the following:

  • Headpiece Station - Create a gorgeous headpiece you can use in a future shoot or in your branding!
  • Centerpiece Station - Create a beautiful centerpiece to use in a stylized shoot or for your branding!


Sunday, December 6th - 11am to 1pm, we are going to cover how to close out your 2015 year with a BANG and open up your 2016 ready to ROCK! Here's the agenda:

  • Vision Board Creation for 2016
  • Organizing Your End of Year Receipts
  • Organizing + Planning for 2016
  • End of Year Wrap Up + Review

All Lunch + Learn sessions come with:

  • Access to the session
  • Complimentary Lunch+ Refreshments
  • Materials to take home
  • Buy 3 get December FREE

So what are ya waiting for!? Let's take your business to the NEXT level in a supportive, fun, uplifting environment surrounded by amazing creatives such as yourself!!

For more info or to grab your seat, simply click HERE