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Hello Beautiful

McNew Love Session | Vision of Rose Photography

This amazing couple has been together for 13 years! How beautiful is that? Jerrie & Kent have an amazing love for one another so it was a complete honor for me to have the chance to photograph them for their anniversary! 

When they first started dating, they would go on picnics together to the James River, sit on the sand and enjoy a picnic together. They wanted to recreate this for their portrait session and I was completely down! The awesome part? Kent whipped out a bottle of sparkling grape juice and said that he wanted to bring it because when he and Jerrie first started dating, she wasn't old enough to have wine at their picnic so he would bring that! How stinkin' sweet is that?

After some cupcake smashing (and tasting, of course), flirts, kisses, cuddles and a toast to their love - we wrapped up with the sun closing behind us. This day was absolutely perfect and I'm so excited to share some of my favorite sneak peeks with you!