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Hello Beautiful

The Bristols | Vision of Rose Photography

I have photographed Oneika on several occasions for many different things, but this time, I got to photograph her beautiful family as well! They laughed, they had fun, shared love and truly, that's what family portrait sessions are all about. I love the candid moments that happen in between. The genuine laughs and sweet moments. And, of course, I couldn't go without doing one of my signature jump shots!!!

Something else I love - the outfits that Oneika put together for everyone! Can we just stop and appreciate those for just one moment? The pops of color work PERFECTLY for the time of day and setting. All of the colors blended so beautifully together while still allowing everyone's individual personality and style to shine through. 

And of course, even Buddy, their family pet was photographed in his fashionable "I'm famous around here" shirt!