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Kristy's Courage | Vision of Rose Photography

A few months ago, Kristy told me about a tough decision she was faced with. She went in to receive the BRCA1 & BRCA2 tests. The tests are designed to genetically check women to see their chances of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Kristy was faced with having her breast cancer test come back with an extremely high probability that she would soon face breast cancer. The fear is that it runs in her family very heavily and the doctors suggested she get a double mastectomy done before it has the chance to develop.

Fighting with the decision, she came to the conclusion that this was the best route to go. What she wasn't prepared for was the emotional battle that soon came after. To overcome her insecurities with her new body, she contacted me to book a session. She left the reins up to me to decide what we would do and I'm so very thankful for that. It's not often I get nervous for photo shoots but this one had me all sorts of nervous the day of. I wanted to make sure I captured Kristy in a beautiful, elegant way because she is at an extremely vulnerable time in her life and I didn't want to capture her in a way that added to that! I wanted her to see how beautiful she is - no matter what she has gone through.

I got the o.k. from Kristy to share these images on my blog because I know in my heart, so many of us are facing body issues, battles and fights of our own. I want women to look at how gorgeous Kristy looks and I want them to know that they, too, can look just as radiant! Making the decision to have such courage to step in front of a camera with fresh scars took SO much bravery and I'm eternally thankful she did! 

As we transitioned into doing the topless shots, it was clear she was becoming nervous. As she turned around, she said to me: "This is them. This is what's left. This is what they did to them." Her hands were shaking, her breathing picked up heavily and she let out a few nervous giggles. I couldn't see anything but such beauty... bravery.. courage. My goodness, how gorgeous she is! And to want to share this journey with the world. With other women so they can feel good about their bodies - what a beautiful soul! 

The images below show a battle that many women face. "Am I still beautiful?" 

My answer to that...

Yes. You ARE beautiful. Always will be!

What happens or doesn't happen to your body does not define who you are. YOU determine that. No matter what battles you are facing or have faced, choosing to have courage is the first step to accepting yourself and loving yourself. You deserve to be loved and to love.

NEVER forget that.