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Style: Transitioned | Vision of Rose Photography

Jameelah and I met Shayla through a networking event in Richmond last year and I'm telling you, we fell in love with her right away! She has such a unique style and she is SO talented in her calling! The three of us teamed up to put together a unique session, showing how the everyday woman can transition from day to night looks with the right guidance, with ease! I'm doing something a little different this time with our feature. You'll hear directly from Jameelah and Shayla in this post as we do a walk through of each look!

First Look:

RoseyWhat was the plan behind this particular makeup look for Nilda?
Jameelah: I wanted to show what it is like to 
make subtle enhancements that's easy on the eye and would fit in in a business environment.

Rosey: Why is it important to pair a subtle lip when going for a look like this?
Jameelah: In a business setting you want to have a polished and pulled together look. A subtle lip is perfect for in this application.

RoseyWhy this look works for Nilda's body type?
Shayla: This dress worked because the bold color blocking was great for camouflaging but also allowing her curves to really stand out.

Rosey: What inspired you to choose this look for her?
Shayla: I loved the clean lines and the professional appeal to the dress. It was perfect for the chic business look I imagined and a great length on the model! 

Rosey: Important key pieces to this look:
Shayla: I loved the statement necklace with this dress because it styled what would be a very plain look up a few notches to chic.

Second Look:

RoseyWhy does this makeup look work so well with such a bold lip for Nilda?
Without getting too technical...red is a complimentary color to blue. You use a complimentary color when you want colors to POP thus making red the perfect color choice.

Rosey: How easy is it for the everyday woman to transition from a business look to a night out look, like this one?
It's very easy. I would start out with a neutral lip as shown in the business look for the day and before leaving the office, freshen up with the brighter color and add a highlight under the brow.

RoseyWhy does this look work so well for her body type?
Shayla: The funny thing is this look was so unexpected! What really makes it work is the deep V cut down the front. It visually elongates her chest and torso area which made her appear taller when photographed. The red shoes add a Pop of color but cut her off at the ankle so the low V in the front was much needed. 

Rosey: What inspired the look for her?
Shayla: I loved the sex appeal of the look without being too revealing. The color was a dark warm blue and looked great in the lighting and background.

Rosey: Why was a bulky necklace paired with this look instead of a smaller one?
Shayla: T
he bulky necklace was needed to make a statement on her small frame. The model was petite and wearing a full body jumpsuit and without any skin showing the necklace helped to draw the eye naturally upward to the deep V which then drew the eye downward so she appears taller.

Final Look:

RoseyWhat made you decide to use a pink lip for this look as opposed to a nude or red lip like in the previous looks?
Jameelah: We are almost welcoming summer and women should know that black and white is not a color combination that she be packed away until fall. Change your lip from a berry or red and welcome the pinks and fuchsia to lighten the look for the season.

Bonus Tip from Jameelah: A bright lip is the look that's IN right now...so have fun with color.

RoseyWhy does this look works for her body type?
ShaylaThis dress was a lot of fun because of the high low cut of the hemline. It had to be worn with heels (black) to elongate her frame but was perfect for taming a such a wild print.  

RoseyWhy are the right under garments so crucial for this type of outfit and material?
Shayla: Wearing the proper undergarments under a dress that has a lot of "give" is important because the fabric is so unforgiving. Proper shapewear allows for a smooth finish to the dress and allows the model to wear it instead of the dress wearing her. 

Rosey: What was the inspiration behind this look?
Shayla: This dress was just so much fun! The print is vibrant and really makes a statement. 

Model: Nilda Arias, Virginia

Wardrobe Stylist: Shayla Courtney, Virginia
Website: shaylacourtney.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TalkStyleShayla
Twitter: @TalkStyleShayla
Instagram: @iamshaylacourtney

Makeup Artist: Jameelah Scott (Jameelah Scott Makeup Artistry), Virginia
Website: jsthemua.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jsthemua
Email: jsthemua@gmail.com
Twitter: @jsthemua
Instagram: @jsthemua

Photographer: Rosey Slocum (Vision of Rose Photography), Virginia
Website: visionofrosephoto.com
Facebook: facebook.com/vorphoto
Email: info@visionofrosephoto.com
Twitter: @VoR_Photography
Instagram: @zeryksrosey