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Hello Beautiful


Happy #InternationalDayofHappiness! Well, and first day of Spring, but today is the day to declare to be happy! To make others around you HAPPY! It's a cool and rainy day here in Virginia and so many are down in the slumps because of the weather we've had lately. We get little teasers here and there of warmth and then it's right back to cloudy/rainy and cold days. But, there's still SO MUCH to be happy for! We're alive - that's one! We have people in our life who love us - that's two! We have a God above looking out for us - that's three! And well, because even if you aren't in a place of happiness at the moment, we can always make ourselves feel better by putting a smile on someone else's face! Here are some things you can do to make your life just a little happier:

Remember to take some time for yourself! This could be something as simple as a hot bubble bath, or reading your favorite book. Whatever it is, remember that you have to take care of you before you can take care of anyone else!

Help someone! Don't just drive past that person standing on the corner asking for change. You never know who truly may need it. Or, if you don't want to give them money - grab them a bite to eat and take it to them. Help the elderly at the grocery store today as they load up their groceries. Send a random friend a special little note in their inbox or even better, HAND DELIVER it in person! Go by the Dollar store and grab some $1.00 toys and drop off to a local animal shelter. Buy a bouquet of flowers and hand single stems out to each person you pass. You get the idea - as our Pastor at Destination Church says "Do for ONE what you wish you could do for EVERYONE."

Volunteer. Get involved in your community! Find out what areas in your community need the most help and sign up to help on your available day(s)!

Get CREATIVE! I'm sure you remember how awesome it felt when it was art day at school right? To get your fingers messy in paint without caring if it got on your clothes? We ALL remember those days! Bring them back! You're never too old to allow yourself some creative mess across your kitchen floor! If making a mess in your house freaks you out, find something else that will bring back that creative, imaginative mind you once loved so much when sticks were wands, trees were "safe" spots, sheets were tents and capes.. and the world was a happy place. Your world.

Get rid of the TOXINS in your life. You can take this one literally or figuratively. Whether you're trying to physically live a healthier lifestyle or emotionally, this is so very important. Every so often, our bodies need a detox to clean out all of that gunk we've been pouring in. The same works with our relational lives. Don't keep negative people around you! We've all heard the saying, right? "Misery LOVES company!" That doesn't mean misery wants company to feel better - no, what it means is that miserable people make people miserable so they don't feel bad about being so miserable, themselves. Have you been keeping the wrong company? Are your circle of friends dwindling down because of ONE person you keep holding on to? Maybe it's time to cut the ties and let them be on their way. I get it, we all have what I call "The Help Syndrome" and that's ok to have to an extent. We all want to better someone's life, right? We want to help them. And that's perfectly fine if they are receiving the help and making changes for the better. But, if you're the only one giving and giving without receiving anything in return, you're going to exhaust yourself and you're going to extend yourself so far that you're going to break. Learn which toxins are in your life currently and then detox them. Trust me, you'll feel so much better afterwards!

Last, take a look at some of the funny shenanigans that have taken place during portrait sessions!!


In closing, whatever you decide to do today, make it count and make it matter. Why? Because you matter. Because you deserve to be happy! #becauseimatter