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15 Awesome Things - Vision of Rose Photography

2015 was packed with simply amazing moments and I cannot even begin to describe what this year has meant to me! It's truly hard to even begin to narrow down all of the awesome things, but, I'll do my best!! These are in no particular order.

In 2015, I received an Editors' Choice Award from Two Bright Lights! It was so awesome and I literally cried reading the email. This award sits on my desk currently to remind me that anything can be done.


I also launched a new series with my daughter and son... promising to be in more photos with them because I was tired of not existing in pictures. You can read about it here if you wish! ( CLICK )

I had the amazing opportunity to go to New York for a weekend to enjoy the sights and visit IMATS for the very first time!! It was SO awesome! You can view more photos from the trip HERE.

This year, I also decided to enter the Shoot & Share Photographer's Competition and made it as a finalist! 

As a family, we also made the commitment to start eating healthier once we found out Zophie has MRS (Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome). We completely cut out all foods that have additives, unnatural flavoring, high amounts of sugar/sodium and completely cut any artificial coloring from the little's diet. We saw a MAJOR change in behavior for them as well as health wise for all of us. 

This year, I also photographed a MASSIVE project called Abandoned. It was so successful, we shot a part 2 and part 3 will be shot in 2016!  We had the project published in a book that was released in September 2015 and part 2 is scheduled to be released in February 2016! CAN. NOT. WAIT! OH! AND! I can't forget to mention that we even had a copy signed by none other than Daniel Radcliffe himself!!! AH!

This December, we spent Christmas in California which was SUPER AWESOME. Seriously.. even though we were all sick literally the ENTIRE time, I wouldn't change one part of our vacation. If you want to read more about our Cali trip, you can visit that blog entry HERE.

Over the summer, we hosted a Free Family Fun Day over at Crystal Lake in VA in celebration of Loving the Skin I'm In! We had many families stop by and even a show up from Miss. Snow White herself! The kids had a blast and I had a blast seeing everyone's excitement.

In 2015, I also hosted many workshops, mentoring sessions, Q&A sessions, business coaching sessions, webinars and Lunch & Learn sessions. It was so much fun for me to have the opportunity to help numerous photographers, creatives and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. I can't wait to even begin to announce what 2016 has in store!

2015 was also a big year for change. Hair changes to be exact! I took the plunge and decided to shave part of my hair off for an edgy new look. I also experimented with new colors such as neon pink, neon orange and even purple! Thank you to Sara at Beauty from Inside for ALWAYS taking such great care of me and my bold choices!!!!

I also signed up to be a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA after going to a class at my lovely friend Sara Nowlan's salon, Beauty from Inside. Signing up was the BEST decision I think I honestly made in 2015. No joke. Here's a quick post about how the oils helped save me on my recent move to Arizona! ( CLICK )

This year, I also turned the big 3-0. I thought I would be totally bummed out the day of my birthday because Zeryk was in AZ for his new job. But, the amazing people I have in my life made sure I felt nothing but LOVE leading up to and even after my birthday!! I was treated to a surprise dinner with some amazing women, received not one but two birthday cakes (one of which was delivered TO MY DOOR .. how cool!?), lots of gifts & gift cards, calls, texts and messages wishing me a happy day. I couldn't even and still can't even put into words what it meant and still means to me.

Speaking of friends.. I have to shout out this amazing woman right here and tell you why she made my list of "15 awesome moments". I love her dearly. She has reached my heart and pulled me back from some of the toughest places I have been in. I can call her, write her, text her, email her ANYTIME and she will respond to me without hesitation. I have had more dinners and sit down conversations with her than I could even count and every single one of them were a blessing to my heart. I tried new things with her - like this photo represents; our first time ever going to Paint Nite and many other firsts. She's hands down a God send and definitely the person God placed in my life for a lifetime. Friendships come and go and we both have seen our share of those but the bond we have is irreplaceable and I'm so very thankful for that! I'm just sad we didn't take more photos together!!! Christina, that is a MUST the next time I see you.

Ok, on with the mushy stuff! I know! Some of you are going "YAWWWWWN" ... ha! But, thank you for sticking with me. We're almost done! Which brings me to my next awesome thing... and yes, it may be a little mushy. I'm sorry. haha Zeryk accepted a job position in Phoenix, AZ and they requested him to be there by Nov. 7th and I had contracts holding me in VA until December 12th... which meant, our little family had to go through a temporary separation. I was honestly so nervous how it would be handled but we honestly got through it like champs if I must say. We made sure to keep in touch with lots of videos, texts, video calls and sweet messages for one another. There were tough moments, believe me on that! But, I think the time apart did us some good. We learned to appreciate one another more and to not take such little arguments over the top. We learned to slow down and hold one another just a little longer before starting our day off. We learned that everything one another does, while some things are annoying... we miss them when we're not around one another. We learned how to LOVE stronger.

Which brings me to my very last and BIGGEST most awesome thing that happened in 2015.. which I'm sure most of you are already about to say it before you even read it...

WE MOVED ACROSS COUNTRY TO OUR DREAM STATE OF ARIZONA!! lol I'm literally screaming that while I write it.. that's how excited we are about this new transition in our lives. The kids are adjusting AMAZINGLY (which I will have a blog up this weekend about) and overall, we are just happier in our new state. I haven't had anywhere NEAR the asthma problems I had in VA. The air is cleaner, the kids have kids all throughout the neighborhood they can play with and we're just overall living healthier and more active. So how could I NOT put this one on the list? 

So there you have it!!!! The 15 most awesome things that happened for our family in 2015. There are literally HUNDREDS of other things I could add but honestly, I would be here all night and I want to spend time with the littles. lol So enjoy your New Years. I pray many blessings over you and your family for 2016!!!!