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The Eve of 30 - Personal

Here it is, the eve of my 30th birthday and I'm calm, relaxed and excited. Looking back at my teenage years... when I turned 15 years old, I cried the night before because I was "half way to 30" and now, here it is! The big 3-0 and I am excited for everything God has done and is still doing in my life. I have never been in a happier place in my life than I am currently and I know that there's just so much more to come.

In celebration of turning 30, I decided to share 30 things I can check off of my bucket list ("dream life"). 30 amazing things that have molded me into who I am today! (in no particular order!)

30 - Tried out for American Idol in Washington DC in 2004

29 - Met some AMAZING people who have mentored me

28 - Found a deep love for Christ and handed Him my life

27 - Made tough decisions that didn't always work out but had wonderful lessons in them

26 - Sneaked out with my high school best friend on several occasions for a late night joy ride

25 - Experienced true heartbreak and grew from it!

24 - Loved and lost more furbabies than I can begin to count

23 - Drove across the country while 8 1/2 months pregnant... like a boss

22 - Made it to All District Chorus in High School 3 years in a row

21 - Mentored some amazing entrepreneurs and photographers

20 - Met & photographed famous YouTuber PatrickStarrr (and he shared the photo!)

19 - Opened Vision of Rose Photography

18 - Completed an amazing project called The Beautiful Release

17 - Started and launched a campaign called Loving the Skin I'm In

16 - Started and launched a magazine for the everyday woman called She's So Glamorous

15 - Was featured in a local newspaper

14 - Was chosen as an Editor's Choice 2015 award recipient

13 - Made it as a Finalist in the Shoot & Share contest!

12 - Hosted several workshops & styled shoots to teach other amazing photographers

11 - Photographed over 50 models in a styled shoot called Abandoned

10 - Sold over 200 copies of my very first photographic book, Abandoned Part I

09 - Got baptized alongside my amazing husband and best friend

08 - Took our first family vacation to ride the Polar Express!

07 - Met & Married my best friend

06 - Birthed two amazing kiddos, Zophelia and Zayne

05 - Met Daniel Radcliffe and he signed a copy (and kept a copy) of Abandoned!

04 - Got a his & her tattoo with my husband to commemorate Abandoned

03 - Visited NYC for the very first time and went to IMATS with some amazing ladies!

02 - Found my forever church home; no matter how far away I move from VA!

01 - Made the decision to move our family to Arizona!!!