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Dressing for Portraits - Photography

I admit it, I used to be TERRIBLE at picking out what my kids would wear for portraits! In fact, I wouldn't even worry about if they matched or if the colors even coordinated. Now, as a photographer, I know how important it is to ensure everyone in the family is dressed for portraits in a way that not only coordinates colors but also allows everyone's individuality to still shine through! I've thought about doing a blog like this for quite some time so I finally decided to just go ahead and do it!

So here we are! A few looks that are great for fall, for every member of the family!

Nautical Casual

This look is GREAT for the family who likes to keep it simple while still adding touches of nautical themed looks to the wardrobe! Since I focus primarily on women's portraiture, my focus for this look (and every look) is on mom first. I started by pairing mom with white pants, a light blue button down, canvas style shoes to match and a messy bun. To contrast, dad would be in dark jeans, dark boots and a striped contrast blue shirt (not matching mom's!). The two little ones are also contrasted perfectly with a mixture of dark and light to help them stand out while still blending well with mom and dad.

Burnt Orange & Grey

Ok, I admit it.. this look is probably one of my favorites! It's a mixture of beautiful colors, contrasting dark colors and of course, a touch of glam for mom! So again, I started with mom by putting her in dark, loose fit jeans, paired with a burnt orange tank top (tucked in) with an overlaying heather grey sweater. To top the look off? A pair of burnt orange heels and a touch of bling. For dad, I added his pop of color in the burnt orange suede shoes paired with denim jeans and a grey sweater. For the little one, a pair of lighter denim jeans, a lighter grey shirt and the absolutely adorable fox beanie (to bring in mom's burnt orange colors).

Kid Classics

Sometimes, we just want to have portraits done of our little ones but pairing up matching outfits can get pricey! So, for this look, I paired up some pieces that many of us already have in our children's wardrobe to show that you don't have to match everyone exact! For our eldest little guy, I paired him in dark denim jeans, a black high-top shoe, and a red & blue flannel button down. For our middle little guy, I paired him in the same jeans as big brother, some high top black boots and a navy blue button down with matching red suspenders & bow tie. For little sister, I put her in red leggings to accent her brothers, a white sweater, black boots and a navy blue head-wrap bow.

Sleek Family

Again, I started with mom by putting her in a sexy pencil line leather skirt, blue velvet heels and a silky long sleeved blue turtle neck. I contrasted dad by putting him in dark denim, black suede tie-up shoes and a charcoal grey button down. Sister is in a light grey dress paired with black leggings, sparkle shoes and a blue hairbow. Brother is in a pair of black denim jeans, blue Converse, a contrasted button down and I topped it off with a blue bow-tie to match sister's hairbow! 

Couple's Royalty

This is one of my favorite couple's looks to date! I started off by putting the Mrs. in a sequined gold mini, paired with a gorgeous pair of purple velvet heels and a sleek pulled back hair style. The Mr., I put him in dark black fitted pants, light taupe suede tie-up shoes, a white button down with small black polka dots and contrasted him with a purple tie to match the Mrs. shoes!

Vintage Sweethearts

This one's for the couples who enjoy a good throw-back! The Mrs. is ina  vintage red babydoll style dress that falls at the knees, polkadot high heels complete with a satin red bow, a vintage Minnie Mouse purse and braided back ponytail. The Mr. is in cuffed denim jeans, a solid black tee and Converse! Don't forget the slicked back hair, fellas! 

Country Chic Couple

I started this adorable look off by putting the Mrs in a sequined tank, covered by a leather light brown jacket and boots to match. I also put her in dark denim jeans so that the shirt will stand out even more! The Mr. is in medium-dark denim jeans, boots to match the Mrs., a cream white sweater and brown leather watch. 

Senior Girl - Look One

I have been blessed with some very fashionable senior girls to photograph throughout the years! This look has always been one of my go-to's for them! Boyfriend jeans paired with grey fringe boots, a flannel shirt with grey sweater over top, a grey perisol style hat, burnt-red bag and scarf to match. This look is so fun because you can easily change up the look throughout your session by adding or taking away pieces! 

Senior Girl - Look Two

How adorable is this sweetheart look!? Seriously, it's my FAVORITE from the senior looks I've put together! I started with a red pleather thigh-high skirt paired with dark black leggings, platform style boots, an adorable tank with a black midriff cardigan and a red hat to match the skirt! Pair it with some black or white accessories and you're in for fun!

Senior Girl - Look Three

This last look I put together for a senior girl is super chic and easy to transition into during a portrait session! To start, I put together boyfriend jeans with a cream colored tank. For look one, I would pair her with the rose-pink button down over top of the tank, paired with suede brown boots and a matching hat. To transition into look two, I would replace the button down with the burnt orange sweater, switch out the suede boots for the dark brown rider style boots and replace the hat with a gorgeous statement necklace! Her long curly hair would also be pulled back into a ponytail or half up, half down.

Senior Guy - Three in One

The last look I have put together is for our senior guys! This look is perfect for the formal that mom is going to want him to get and the casual that he'll want to get! I would start off with dark fitted denim jeans, a dark blue t-shirt underneath a grey button down topped with a charcoal grey vest and charcoal Vans to match. We could easily transition over to look number two by removing the vest and grey button down. Then, I would replace the Vans with the dark brown biker style boots and this would be our second look! Next, I would transition into having him put on the jacket and beanie for our final look.

Hopefully these looks help you with the planning stages of your portraits and photogs, feel free to share it with your clients! Enjoy! 

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