Beautiful, Natural Me


Daily on Facebook I come across posts where videos or photos are shared making fun of people - even if unintentionally. Many of them have created a meme out of someone's photo because they look a little different than everyone else. While the wording may be funny, humiliating someone isn't. 

We are in a world where negativity is so easily shared due to us all having access to instant, constant information.

I want to change that. I want to create a little movement in celebration of being who you are without all of the extras! When I started Loving the Skin I'm In, I held a completely free photo shoot of women who were brave enough to come out with a bikini on for me to photograph them. I'm doing that again this year, but in a different way!

This year's theme is BEAUTIFULLY NATURAL: UNIQUELY ME. As my amazing friend Jameelah says, "No one can beat you at BEING you." I want to showcase YOU. Who you are. Without all the makeup, without the hair styling, without the designer clothes. I want to see the you that only those closest to you gets to see. Why? Because I want YOU to see how beautiful you are without all the extras!!!


Participation in the shoot is completely free, however! I want you to show up:

  • Makeup free OR light/natural looking makeup
  • Hair worn naturally
  • Comfortable clothes (dress down or up; whichever you feel most comfortable in). BIKINIS ARE WELCOME!

This shoot is for ages 13 years and up and will take place at Crystal Lake Park in Hopewell, VA on Wednesday July 6th 2016.  (3502 River Road Hopewell VA 23860)

To register, fill out the form below and then take a look at our video!

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I understand that participation is completely free. I will receive 2 images emailed to me as a thank you for participating and will have the option to purchase all of my images if I wish to. *