VRP Christmas Angels 2018

Welcome to the Christmas Angels

It's that time of year again! Please look through all of our posted Angels and select one (or more) that your family would love to adopt by sponsoring!

If you see an Angel Tag with a Blue Star in the right corner, it means that angel is special needs. <3

To adopt an angel:

1 - Find the one or ones you want to adopt and email us a screenshot of your angel to: booking@visionofrosephoto.com so we can send you more information on your selected angel such as their interests, likes and big wish request. As well as our drop off location address.

2 - You'll have until December 1st - 5th to drop your angel's gifts off to us here at our home studio in Hopewell.

3 - Please ask your friends, peers and co-workers if they'd like to consider sponsoring an angel as well!

And that's it!





These are our Big Wish requests from our angels (posted in separate albums). These gifts would make our angels Christmas even more special!

Also posted are all of our Gift Card needs. Gift Cards are used to purchase gifts for angels that haven't been adopted by November 15th. This is so we can ensure ALL angels have a great Christmas. They're also given to those who requested a gift card as a Big Wish Item.

Last you'll see Gift Card requests for families who need meal assistance.

If you'd like to purchase a Big Wish item, Gift Card or Meal Assistance Gift Card:

1 - Send us a screenshot of the tag of what you'd like to supply along with your email address so we can send you our drop-off address. Send to: booking@visionofrosephoto.com If helping with a gift card, we as for a minimum amount to be $25.00, however, you are welcome to upload any amount you wish. Please specify in your email to us how much you are donating and to which stores.

2 - You'll have until November 15th to turn in your gift cards and until December 1st - 15th to turn in your Big Wish item.

If you see a Big Wish tag with a blue star, it means the angel requesting that item is special needs. <3

That's it!