VRP is on a mission and I need your help to make it happen. In 2013, I began a project titled "The Beautiful Release". The idea behind the project was that through photography, I could show women and children how beautiful they are in their natural skin. The response was overwhelmingly amazing. I wanted to photograph 100 people over the course of a year.

This year, I want to complete it in 100 days and at the completion of it, I wish to rent a space to showcase the work; gallery style. Because beauty comes in all shapes, all sizes, all races, all nationalities, all religions, all political views, all genders. And I want to showcase it. 

This year, I'm opening this up to men and to women. I just want to photograph 100 faces in 100 days. The idea is that you will show up to the shoot location wearing what you feel the most beautiful, handsome, pretty, sexy, gorgeous or confident in. The choice is yours. I want you to show me YOUR version of beauty. 

The hours I will do this are Monday - Friday 8am to 11am, 12pm to 2pm or 5pm to 7pm. The photo shoot and survey will only take about 10 minutes of your time and I'm located in Hopewell, VA. My deadline to complete this project is by Sunday July 16th. If you wish to help me make this happen, please spread the word and/or fill out the form below. Once I receive your form, I will contact you on what happens next.

There is NO COST to participate in this shoot and for your help, you'll receive 2 high res images with printing rights to each.


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